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Kwanko New Website is LIVE – Part 2

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New Kwanko Website part 2
New Kwanko Website part 2
New Kwanko Website part 2
New Kwanko Website part 2
New Kwanko Website part 2


Maybe it’s better for you to start reading the first part of the Kwanko new website here. 😉

Define Target Audience and Content Proposal for the New Website

First, we needed to know to whom we were building it. Yes, you’re included.


When advertisers need support for qualified lead generation, we must make it clear that we’re the best partner for them. Not only because of our large publisher network, but our expertise in qualifying leads to your specific business.

If it’s an e-commerce player who needs a new flow of sales for an e-commerce shop, he should see what we’ve done for other e-commerce brands. How we become their most important flow of new customer acquisition and sales generator. That’s access to our business cases and channels available.

For qualified traffic and app downloads, we have every single solution needed to bring you daily results.

So, it was key to show that immediately when they access our website.


For Publishers looking for the best partner to create a new flow of revenue from their audience, it’s important for them to know our huge variety of active campaigns.

The technology behind our platform is vital to every Publisher on the level of tracking we can provide. We have cross-device tracking and a very fair SMARTattribution tool to make sure that the Publisher gets his reward for every effort made to the result of a campaign.


Agencies are a very particular audience. And we aimed to make sure that agencies understand the value we provide to their end game. Agencies want to provide the very best results to their customers. And that’s where we come in. To help them achieve that with all our solutions, specialized teams and huge network.

We’re still their best Performance Marketing Partner.

Marketing Enthusiasts and Potential Employees

As you may already know, acquiring new talent is very hard. It’s not only about salary or to be the biggest bidder.

People need to feel empowered and in an environment where they can improve every day. Knowing what we do and how we do it is imperative to captivate them and find equal minded individuals.

Feeling the Kwanko Culture and how our professionals around the world work for a common goal is very powerful.

It’s our compromise to educate the market as much as we can. An informed individual can make better decisions. We’re creating a Kwanko Academy filled with knowledge, acquired know-how from hundreds of thousands of campaigns we run every year. For the moment, we have all the article repository on, but major good surprises are underway.

Sitemap and Structure

All the structure was made according to the several personas, content needs, navigation, screen resolutions and business goals.

One major differentiative feature is our glocal way to serve our different targets around the world with a local version for each market. Which means that even though the design and some content are similar, all the positioning, solutions and information is adapted to each market where we are doing business with local teams. It is of no use for you to see information about a solution we have in some markets and we still don’t have on yours, is it?

We have a lot still going on and will publish it on a regular basis. Because a website is like a living thing of our brand. It needs to be constantly adapting to our needs at every given time.

This means that the new website is not finished and quite frankly it will never be.

Design and Development

One of the rules was for the site to be an extended visual avatar of what Kwanko stands for. Also, coherence and design guidelines should be applied throughout the new website.

This means that when you see our site and when you see any other Kwanko communication you’ll be immersive on the same design look and feel. All will be seamless. Our previous website no longer was representative of our brand design. That needed to be solved quickly.

All the web-design for this new website was made by our Performance Design Studio from scratch. This was critical to keep the same graphic line of our presentations and brand guidelines but also to control the outcome and future developments.

Optimization and clean code are an important feature when developing the website. The dev team is very concerned in providing the cleanest code as they could while working on an open-source platform.

Compressing all that we could in order to make it faster to load, with less code to “read”. Efficient is the keyword.

Kwanko Academy New Home

Kwanko has been providing a lot of training, articles, presentations, videos and so much more over time. It was about time to have a complete knowledge hub which we decided to call it Kwanko Academy.

The idea for this place is to make it easier for you to have access to most of our knowledge centre in a very organized way.

For instance, you have a place for Case Studies on specific industry sectors. Also, whitepapers and presentations easy to find.

Do you think it’s important to have a corporate website? Give us your feedback here.

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