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Kwanko New Website is LIVE – Part 1

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New Kwanko Website
New Kwanko Website
New Kwanko Website
New Kwanko Website
New Kwanko Website


Is it necessary in 2019 to still have a website? I’m asking but obviously, I already know the answer. That’s why we’ve built a completely new website for Kwanko. Yes, yes, yes… and another big YES.

You can have a Facebook Page, an Instagram Profile, a Twitter handle, a Medium channel and so on. We can have all of these things to be on the web. To be “found” in the digital world. They’re important. But they should work as “signals”, not as the main central hub of your digital presence.

Your central brand hub must be a place that you CONTROL. You can’t just control what’s on another platform you don’t own. If Facebook changes the rules again tomorrow, you can be blocked out of your audience. If Medium starts charging for accessing your content – which they recently did – you can’t do a thing about it.

Data is Gold

Most importantly you don’t have access to a crucial thing on this time and age. Your audience data. Not to invade their privacy, but especially to protect their wishes and interests. If you don’t have access to that data you can’t provide an excellent experience. You just can’t.

And providing a great experience to our advertisers, publishers and agencies its what we are aiming for every single day. Well, actually is about providing Performance to their campaigns, but a good experience takes part in that performance. If you don’t have a good experience you go away and never come back. You don’t “convert”.

It’s this data that will provide the fuel and ability to customize your experience on our website and our communication afterwards. Why bother you with irrelevant information and ads if we already know that you’re interested in lead generation. Or in affiliate marketing to increase your e-commerce sales? It would be a waste of resources and money. It’s smarter to give you what you want in the first place. And that’s how the new Kwanko site was tailored for.

Why launch Kwanko’s new Website now?

Kwanko culture drives from an Agile approach as well. So, we need to make things live even if not entirely perfect. That comes after. This way, we can monitor what is working and what is not to improve on a regular basis.

Also, the timing was perfect since it’s also when we’re launching a new platform design and interface. So, it couldn’t be more appropriate to align our brand design and guidelines through all our web presence.

Have you seen our new platform interface and design? It’s gathering excellent feedback and praises from every single publisher (advertiser’s interface will be open soon enough).

We can only hope that the new Kwanko website can also have this effect with you.

How was the new Kwanko’s Website Built and Designed?

So, we focused on how you would access our website and browse within.

Mobile is paramount. Obviously, we should have a responsive website. But that’s not the end of it. We crafted the mobile version of each section and page to be a bit different from each device. We thought about what would be the experience and browsing you would do on each screen.

Obviously, on a mobile screen, it would be a massacre for your well-trained finger to scroll endlessly and see all the content we have on a desktop page. So, we tried to just show the vital content on a way that you would love to see on a smaller screen. The same with the menus, navigational helpers and so on.

But mobile is not everything. And on our business, our audience which is mainly B2B still uses computers to access our content. Amazing, right? Again, data doesn’t lie.

So, depending on which screen resolution, you’re going to see our best work and solutions displayed differently.

But we’ll be completely transparent on our design strategy. On the next article, you’ll find the schematics and design thinking behind it.

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