Since 2021 Kwanko takes into account environmental, ethical and social criteria in the evaluation of its suppliers. We are driven by the desire to adopt sustainable purchasing practices in compliance with regulations and standards in force and we have a policy of verifying the social and environmental practices of all our suppliers and subcontractors.

Responsible Purchasing Charter

In Kwanko’s approach, our suppliers are at the heart of our business model, and it is our duty to source our services according to the quality and CSR standards we wish to apply to our partners in the context of the sustainable development of our relationships. This is why our first objective has been to set up a “Supplier Charter” to ensure that the practices of our stakeholders, particularly with regard to purchasing, correspond to our expectations.

Kwanko Vendor Charter

Kwanko is committed to:

Our vendors recognise that their commitments are essential in working with the Kwanko Group in terms of: