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A sporting summer with Kwanko: Affiliate programs to highlight for Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games

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Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs


With the imminent arrival of major sporting events such as the Euro soccer championships and the Olympic Games, the excitement around sport is at its peak. It’s the perfect time for affiliates to capitalize on this intense period by promoting affiliate programs around the upcoming events.

In this article, we present a carefully chosen selection of affiliate programs to integrate into your affiliate strategy

It’s going to be a sporty summer with Kwanko!

Our SPORT affiliate programs 

For sports fans, the Euro soccer tournament and the Olympic Games offer a golden opportunity to promote sports-related products and services. Discover below a selection of the best sports-related affiliate programs:

Our affiliation programs SPORTS BETTING and LOTTERIES

Sporting events are key moments for sports betting platforms, and Kwanko is honored to collaborate exclusively with two of the market leaders: 

Our SHOPPING affiliate programs 

The period of major sporting events is also an ideal time for online shopping in generalist boutiques: Shirts, sporting goods, fan accessories… your audience is sure to find what they’re looking for. Here are a few shopping affiliate programs to relay right away:

Our HOME & TV-HIFI-VIDEO affiliate programs

For home entertainment enthusiasts, it makes sense to promote affiliate programs in the TV, Hi-Fi and video fields. It’s THE perfect time to change TVs to enjoy matches in optimum quality, or to take out subscriptions so you don’t miss a thing of sporting events. Here’s our selection of must-see programs to discover: 

Our FOOD programs

During major sporting events, conviviality is the order of the day. Many consumers will invite friends and colleagues to watch the games at home. This is the time to take advantage of home delivery services and ready-to-use boxes for a hassle-free experience. Here’s a selection of our best programs to liven up sports evenings:

In conclusion…

Whether you’re an influencer, a blogger, a shopping guide or an emaileur, the upcoming major sporting events offer a multitude of opportunities to maximize your revenues through affiliate programs. By choosing the right partners to promote and adapting your content strategy, you can capitalize on the global sports craze and offer your audience relevant, attractive products and services. 

Join now the affiliate programs that match your niche and take advantage of this intense period to boost your online revenues.

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