Our vision of corporate responsibility

Since its creation, Kwanko’s founders have always considered that a company is first and foremost a player in society, and that as such, it has a responsibility. This responsibility has taken shape throughout Kwanko’s development, through an approach of sustainable value creation for all parts:

Since 2017, Kwanko has initiated a corporate project to formalise its social and environmental commitments, so that the humanistic values that are at the heart of our company’s culture are clear for everyone:

Beyond intentions, results and regular commitments are needed. This is why Kwanko, faithful to its collaborative management approach of its key projects, has set up a CSR committee in 2022 in charge of defining the company’s annual progress objectives.

Every year, this committee will publish an action report on the 4 fundamental pillars of the group’s CSR Strategy, as well as commitments for improvement.
François Bieber

I have always considered that a company has an important societal role and this is part of my motivation as an entrepreneur. This concerns first of all the functioning of Kwanko, where respect for differences, mutual enrichment and multi-culturalism are part of our DNA. This philosophy extends of course to our environment, through numerous actions turned towards the outside world, recycling, humanitarian and social actions, Kwanko is always committed.

François Bieber

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

The four pillars of our CSR policy