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New feature available: Kwanko Network Prospection


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Kwanko Network prospection
Kwanko Network prospection
Kwanko Network prospection
Kwanko Network prospection
Kwanko Network prospection


We are pleased to introduce a new feature in your advertiser interface: Kwanko Network Prospection.

Invite new websites to join your affiliate program and boost your results

Invite them to join your campaign in two clicks while offering a specific payout. You can refine your prospecting by filtering publishers by vertical, IAB category or by searching for a specific website.  

How does it work?

Kwanko now offers you an automatic selection of websites that could be interesting to plug into your campaign.

Kwanko network prospection


The tool offers several filter possibilities: by vertical, by IAB category, by website in order to refine your search according to your needs. You can also consult the detailed information sheet for each website to find out more about their activity.

For each publisher you wish to invite, you can directly choose the suitable payout

And on the Publisher side, what happens?

The publisher will be notified via his management space. If they accept your invitation, all they have to do is to pick the ads and start displaying them.


Not yet part of the Kwanko network? 

Advertisers, fill in this form, one of our sales managers will contact you shortly.

Publishers, sign up here, it’s free!

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