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Kwanko platform: new cashback claims tool


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Dear advertiser,

We are pleased to introduce a new feature on the Kwanko platform: the cashback claims tool.

This tool aims to facilitate the management of claims coming from cashback publishers, we have provided them with a tool that allows to upload their claims in a few clicks.

“We are very pleased with the cashback claims tool, which will undoubtedly simplify the submission process for us, but also, and not least, will allow us to take our analysis even further.”

Mickaël Larisse
Head of Operations FR / Europe & Media / New Business at iGraal

What is a cashback claim?

It can happen that a member of a cashback community makes a sale but does not have their cashback credited back to them:

  • The member does not have the cashback credited to his/her account
  • The Cashback amount does not match
  • The Cashback has been refused

There could be a number of reasons for this: adblock system, browsing on different sites at the same time, sale allocated to a different channel or promotion no longer available.

Members report the situation to the cashbackers, who report them to us and we pass them on to you.

Until now, all these complaints were handled manually, which was time consuming for everybody.

Thanks to this new tool, cashbackers will be able to easily enter their claims on the Kwanko platform and provide all the data (for instance: proof of purchase, date of purchase, etc.) so that you can check the status of the sales in question in your system.

On your side, you will be able to treat them in the same way as your other sales, which will also be much easier to manage for you.

How do I process a Cashback claim?

To do so, you just have to :

  1. go to the “Conversions” tab
  2. export your sales file to be processed

A new label has been added in the “Tracking mode” column (column P) entitled “Cashback claim”.

A new column “Publisher comment” (column V) has been added to allow cashback publishers to give you more information about the sale.

You can then validate or reject the claims in the “action” column.

Your usual contact person will be happy to provide you with further information

Your feedback is Welcome!

All your feedback is welcome to allow our team to constantly improve our services.

So please contact our team or send us an email at for any feedback, suggestion, ideas or simply to ask a question.

Cheers from Kwanko team

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