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New edition of our Kwanko Talks: today’s interview is with Giedre Hebadj, Senior Partnerships Manager at Discover in this interview the solutions offered by and its advantages for advertisers.

Could you present your is a customer conversion optimisation platform, that uses behavioral insight and performance data to implement conversion strategies leading to increased revenue. Our team will consult on our best-in-class solutions, and recommend those that suit your desired objectives. Our range of solutions covers exit intent, or in-session strategy through reengagement overlays, reduced cart abandonment emails, on and off-site notifications. Voucher code analytics with code fix for further increased conversion, taking your conversion strategies to that next level, with automated personalization. We provide consultations prior to our partnerships, providing recommendations for a solid launch platform, your optimisation journey and ultimately life with giving you a full 360 view on how to best increase your conversion rates on an ongoing basis. Get access to real-time advertiser and performance insights, and reveal true intent based strategies aligned with business objectives, as well as increase your revenue, all whilst targeting less than 10% off traffic, on average.

To which types of advertisers are your solutions aimed at?
We have four solutions: These are overlays, notifications, BB emails, and codes.
Overlays: On-site engagement deployed at the point of a user’s exit from the website, keeping the user on-site and continuing down the checkout flow.
Notifications – Onsite and offsite engagements that shape user traffic towards priority trading pages, supporting the brand’s wider KPIs.
BB Emails – Bringing lost sessions back to the site thanks to’s sequenced email technology.
Notifications: Off-site and on-site engagements that shape user traffic towards priority trading pages, supporting the brand’s wider KPIs.
Codes: SaaS-based voucher analytics platform that gives you full visibility of your code activity. Understand the impact of all of your internal and external voucher activity.
We can work with advertisers from different verticals, all types of brands, and of all sizes.

An anecdote about the creation of your company?
Smarter Click was created in 2014 after a few long-standing affiliate marketers saw an opportunity to better improve the conversion flow for retailers. Appetite quickly grew and fast forward to today we are active in the EMEA, APAC, and US markets with some great new hires and plans to grow even further this year. We now have over 500 worldwide advertisers from different verticals. After eight years of leading the way in the conversion rate optimisation space as Smarter Click in 2021 we rolled out our new identity as globally. The news comes as the business has further diversified its offering, with new conversion tools and intent-driven solutions taking center stage to support the business’s recruitment drive and expansion plans.

Can you tell us a few words about your partnership with Kwanko?
At, we closely work with Kwanko to provide their clients with premium technology to assist with optimising their advertiser’s conversions.
The team at Kwanko is a pleasure to work with, always proactive in providing us with key network insights and collaboration ideas to assist us reaching new customers.
Having a one-step integration solution- Network container tag, it allows Kwanko clients to start working with us with one-click integration.

What are your objectives for the coming months? Do you have any new projects in the pipeline to share with us?
Growth and Partnerships, we believe in partnerships with publishers and other tech providers, so we are really excited about our collaborations with GoCertify and Gift Cloud.

A final word to our advertisers?
Our approach is to be as transparent and KPI-driven as possible through the client’s entire journey with This enables us to produce campaigns with clear goals that start to improve onsite conversion rates, and we can work with the client to turn the dials on conversion rate further as our partnership grows.
We advise all advertisers to try our solutions and improve their conversion rates, to gain additional revenue. We have no set-up contracts, in-house tech, designs, full account management is absolutely free of charge as we work purely via CPA!

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