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The affiliate marketing peak seasons are coming: How our Graphic Studio can optimise your campaigns!

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The marketing peak season is approaching: Singles Days, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…

And it promises to be intense as every year. Don’t hesitate to ask assistance from our Graphic Studio to create high-performing ads and optimise your affiliate program for the upcoming peak seasons.

Our talented team, composed of experienced web designers and skilled developers, combines creativity, best UI/UX practices, and years of performance marketing expertise. This skill set allows us to craft visually appealing and highly effective creations while staying true to your graphic identity and brand guidelines.

Carlos Pinto, head of the Graphic Studio, says : 

Studio offers high-performance end products that are both attractive and effective. Our vast experience in performance marketing, the perfect combination of design and creativity means that results are guaranteed in a very short time.

Our clients are proof of our competence and we look forward to making your brand part of our portfolio.”

For all these reasons, hundreds of clients have chosen Studio Kwanko to support them in their projects. We’ve been providing efficient, turnkey services since 2003. Test our expertise in performance marketing. Take a step forward with Studio Kwanko!

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Our Graphic Studio offers comprehensive, all-in-one kits with everything you need to successfully launch your affiliate program. From custom landing pages to eye-catching banners and email marketing campaigns optimised for all devices, we have it all among our services:

1. Custom Landing Page 


Creating landing pages in affiliate marketing is a must-have for lead generation strategies. These pages play a key role in providing an optimal user experience across all devices, promoting conversions. Additionally, they allow precise audience targeting, content personalization, and data collection, essential for campaign optimization. In short, well-designed, device-responsive landing pages are a major asset for the success of your affiliate campaigns.

2. High-Performing Banner 


High-performing banners are also crucial in affiliate marketing, and our Graphic Studio provides all the necessary formats: JPG, GIF, and HTML5. These banners are key visual tools to capture visitors’ attention and encourage interaction with your offer. JPG is suitable for high-quality static visuals, while GIF allows for lightweight animations. HTML5 offers flexibility for dynamic and interactive banners, adapting to various screen sizes. By ensuring the quality of these banners, you maximise the visibility of your offer, enhance brand awareness, and increase conversion rates.

3. Optimised Email Marketing Kit 

Our Graphic Studio excels in providing HTML email kits optimised for all devices. These kits allow you to communicate professionally with your target audience, ensuring a seamless user experience on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Your email kit will be made available to as many affiliates as possible to promote your campaign widely. This support allows you to reach a large number of internet users quickly and directly in their inbox. Therefore, it is essential that your email kit is as attractive and well-structured as possible.

4. Comprehensive Lead Management Solution

Finally, our Studio ensures that you can develop your lead generation strategy in the simplest way possible, with:

  • Hosting of your landing page
  • Provision of lead KPIs, a back office, web service solutions, and transparent lead tracking
  • The possibility of conducting Test & Learn, AB Testing, analysing heatmaps, and landing page performance

Our teams will be delighted to assist you in creating all the necessary materials for the success of your campaigns.

Feel free to contact our Graphic Studio for more information:

Or if you are already a Kwanko client, contact your account manager directly

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