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Publishers: an in-depth look at the top performing affiliate marketing programs!

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Advertisers- performing-affiliate-program
Advertisers- performing-affiliate-program
Advertisers- performing-affiliate-program
Advertisers- performing-affiliate-program
Advertisers- performing-affiliate-program


Publishers, do you want to more effectively monetize your advertising spaces, your mobile applications or your email databases? Choose  among Kwanko’s top performing affiliatemarketing programs to maximize your return on investment and increase your commission!

Did you know? Today, there are more than 150,000 publishers around the world who trust Kwanko to make their advertising spaces profitable. Created in 2003, the Netaffiliation platform is one of the European leaders in the industry, offering about 2,000 campaigns with prestigious advertisers such as Groupama, Engie, Lancôme, Trivago, Olympus, Oxbow, Bazarchic and I-run.

Choose Kwanko as your partner and have a single point of access to:

  • Programs adapted to your business sector,
  • A performance-based compensation model,
  • A dedicated team and technical support available 24 hours a day,
  • Centralized billing with different payment models,
  • Simplified management of your programs (tracking cross-device, detailed statistics, API/webservices…).

In addition to the services we offer, working with Kwanko guarantees attractive commissions. Fashion, high-tech, beauty/health, insurance and more – discover ten examples of high-performance programs to get you started on your affiliate adventure.


1- I-Run:

More than 10,000 references. provides one of the largest selection of shoes, clothing, accessories and dietetics dedicated to the running, trail and fitness markets in France. As a specialist, he site offers exclusive colors and models that other majors brand don’t.

> Commission: 4% (sales)

> Available media: text, images, mail, forms, sale catalog, deeplink, promo code

> Accepted types: insertion, newsletter, dedicated e-mailing, incentives, sales, comparators, CPA, media buying

2- Gémo:

For over 20 years, Gémo has been recognized as a key player in textiles and footwear. The brand offers fashion for the whole family at affordable prices in its 500 stores and on its website.

> Commission: 8% (new customer) / 4% (previous customer) / 0.30 euro/form

> Available media: sale, text, catalog, images, deeplink, mails, promo code

> Accepted types: CPA comparators, dedicated e-mailing, promo code sites, cashback sites

3- Jennyfer:

New collections, new visual identity, new shopping experience, outstanding service and international expansion. Jennyfer is now the fashion signature of the ?young fashion? coming from here and elsewhere.

> Commission: 7% (sale)

> Available media: text, sale, images, mail, deeplink, promo codes, catalog

> Accepted types: newsletter insertion, dedicated emailing, media-buying, CPA comparators

4- Spartoo: is a website selling shoes by major brands where

all styles are represented: sport, urban, city, chic, recreation… The site is aimed at women, men and children.

> Commission: 12% (sale) / 0.35 euros (form)

> Available media: sale, text, form, mail, deeplink, images, catalogs, promo code

> Accepted types: newsletter insertion, dedicated emailing


5- Linvosges:

For over 90 years, Linvosges has always been committed to quality: the workmanship of beautiful materials, the originality of the patterns, the richness of the finishes…

Faithful to its original craft and always in tune with the times, today the brand still embodies the love of fine linen, the successful marriage of tradition and modernity.

> Commission: 9% (sale)

> Available media: sale, text, form, mail, deeplink, images, catalogs, promo code

> Accepted types: newsletter insertion, dedicated emailing, pop-up, sales incentive, promo code sites, cashback sites, retargeting, CPA comparators, media buying

6- Micromania:

The number one video game company in France with more than 280 stores throughout the country. The online store allows Internet users to find all the new video game features and all of Micromania services, such as megacard, new product reservations and game demonstrations.

> Commission: 2.40% (sale) / 8.40% (sale)

> Available media: text, images, form, mail, deeplink, promo code, catalog

> Accepted types: newsletter insertion, dedicated emailing, pop-up, site-under, click incentive, sale incentive, form incentive, soft incentive

7- Ouibus:

A key player in long-distance bus transport in France, this SNCF subsidiary offers more than 1,500 routes across France and Europe. Ouibus serves more than 120 cities with very attractive prices starting from 5 euros and has spacious, modern buses (including XL reclining seats and Wi-Fi).

> Commission: 8% (France) / 5% (international)

> Available media: text, sale, images, deeplink, form, catalog, promo code, mail, Html5

> Accepted types: newsletter insertion, dedicated emailing, sales incentive

8- Bayard Jeunesse:

For over 40 years, the leading youth press in France has been offering its young readers a choice of 20 magazines, including Popi, Pomme d?Api, Okapi and Phosphore, which are a standard of reference for parents and childcare professionals. Its magazines are recognized by all for the quality of their content and design.

> Commission: 11% (sale)

> Available media: text, sale, deeplink, mail, promo code, mail, images, Html5


9- Tartine & Chocolat:

They combine elegance and comfort. Tartine & Chocolat is an authentic and refined French brand is the perfect companion in ready-to-wear, childcare, soft toys and furniture for children up to 12 years of age.

> Commission: 8%

> Available media: sale, text, images, deeplink, promo code

> Accepted types: CPA comparators, media buying

10- Carré blanc:

The French standard of reference for household linen. Duvets, pillows, towels, bathrobes and more – the brand envisions, designs and manufactures high-quality creative modern household linen for every member of the family.

> Commission: 5% (sale) / 7% (sale)

> Available media: sale, deeplink, text, images

> Accepted types: CPA comparators, cashback sites, soft-incentive, media buying

You enjoyed this article and you would like to know more about our affiliate programs. You can also register on our platform, it?s free!

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