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Performance marketing, why is it important to request experts support ?

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A blog article, an image, a link…and that’s all there is to it, right? After all, performance marketing is easy! Or is it? If it were that simple, it would be common knowledge. Working on a brand, developing a lead generation strategy or converting prospects into clients often requires specific expertise. Performance marketing (from market knowledge to technology choices and campaign management) is best done by experts who can support advertisers and publishers to make the right choices at the right time.

So, why use performance marketing experts? There are at least five reasons.

To enjoy a human connection with an ever-available team

Brands are operating in a digital environment where everything is done via the internet, often without an intermediary. It’s quick, simple and direct, but it’s also the best way to get things wrong if you’re not on top of performance marketing’s technical subtleties!

Nothing can replace specialist advice, which is why performance marketing is mainly a question of trust. Having a team you can turn to, means you can ask questions and describe complex issues that Google won’t be able to help with.

Each client has a unique contact who is responsible for representing them and protecting their interests, and who is available any time without having to navigate an offshore call centre. This human connection with an ever-available team can make the difference when it comes to answering questions fast.

To easily access creative resources

Not every organisation has the time, resources or energy to create email kits, banners or particular visuals. As a result, they need to use a communications agency or designer. To brief them, wait for their work, manage the project and anticipate extra campaign costs that arise.

Having people who are creatives as well as marketing experts can save a lot of time. The designers know performance marketing well because it’s their job. They can deal with creative constraints and work closely with experts who can co-ordinate requests and support the creative process. Using an in-house creative studio is also the ideal solution for clients who don’t have any experience of managing — or who don’t want to manage — this work done by third-party resources.

To gain a 360-degree approach

Performance marketing is varied, involving affiliate marketing, cashback, deals, influencer marketing, mailshots, etc. Only experts can choose the right tools to suit each strategy, both for advertisers and publishers. Each client’s situation is unique and every tool is used differently depending on the issues raised. Rather than reaching blindly into a toolbox, performance marketing experts know exactly what to choose to reach every goal.

To choose the right advertisers and publishers

Performance marketing experts are responsible for bringing together the right advertisers and publishers, and vice versa. It’s a bit like the marketing version of Tinder. However, to maximise return on investment, the work requires extensive knowledge of the two parties. This is work that can only be done by in-house experts who communicate daily with both parties.

Our little extra? Organising a speed meeting-type event so advertisers and publishers can meet in person to share good practice. They get to know each other and develop their professional networks.

To take advantage of fast-moving technology

In the world of performance marketing, everything moves quickly. With technologies being born and dying regularly, experts and agencies can quickly adjust their working methods to share them with you. Keeping an eye on technologies like this is difficult for a marketing service as it requires various skills in precise areas. To optimise your revenue and achieve your goals, you must stay one step ahead. Yet, there is often not enough time in the day to find the right clients or platforms. So, it’s time to let the experts work their magic!

Outsourcing performance marketing has a range of advantages for advertisers and publishers. It means they access better advice, reduce their operating costs, and focus on their core business, while maximising their chances of making the right choices. Whatever the size of a company or the goal of a project. Marketing experts know how to react to any situation. Contact them for help with your projects, whatever they may be!

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