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5 effective levers to get performance leads

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5 effective levers to get performance leads
5 effective levers to get performance leads
5 effective levers to get performance leads
5 effective levers to get performance leads
5 effective levers to get performance leads


Nobody needs to be convinced that collecting leads is a central issue for brands. On the other hand, the way of searching and activating your prospects can vary considerably from an advertiser to another. What counts is not just the number of leads, but above all their quality and their willingness to engage with you.

To optimise your marketing strategy and reduce unnecessary expenditure, it’s time to move to performance lead generation. This means not spending more, but spending better to maximise your business efficiency. We will take you through how it’s done in 5 main points.

Increase your strength with omnichannel

With the advent of digital technology, the points of contact between a brand and its customers have multiplied. Websites, consumer forums, social networks, mobile applications, review and cashback sites, physical stores, trade shows, event operations, etc. We are in the omnichannel era now, and data convergence is essential to coordinate campaigns effectively. We must incorporate customer experience if we want to generate performance leads.

In order to achieve this, you need to build (on your own, with an agency or with an expert partner in this field) a relevant strategy to collect the right leads in the right places, avoid duplication and optimise data quality in compliance with the GDPR. With omnichannel, data comes from everywhere. It’s up to you to coordinate it in order to unify your prospects and send your message to them in the good channel.

Be a perfectionist and look after your prospects

Done is better than perfect.

While this famous American expression remains relevant in many cases, it doesn’t necessarily apply to lead collection. In fact, you’re far from being the only lead collector and the market is extremely competitive. The result is that a single detail may sway a potential customer away from a competitor and to you instead. This is the case, for example, when a link doesn’t work, or there’s a 404 error, a site that isn’t optimised for mobiles, pages that are slow to load, non-existant or badly organised call-to-actions, etc.

There are many solutions for avoiding these problems:

  • Conduct in-depth quality checks into every aspect of the site or campaigns. This kind of work needs to be multidisciplinary, because a web developer will not be the most qualified to proofread the contents of your site, for example. Remember to check the spelling, the quality of the English, the design, and run tests on all browsers, etc.
  • Implement A/B testing campaigns to begin the process of continuous improvement. This enables you to make small changes to support the prospect until they are converted into a customer.
  • Request feedback from users asking them to report any problems, whether it be on your site, your landing page, your mobile application, in your marketing emails, etc. This is a great way to co-build with your community.

Invest in chatbots

Accessible 365 days a year, day and night, chatbots are a useful tool to collect leads, pre-categorising questions and guiding potential customers. For successful deployment, you need to focus on writing scenarios, the choice of keywords and choose the right AI engine to run the chatbots.

This is an innovative acquisition tool that is multiplatform and can be easily activated from a website or social network. Collecting the right data will also help you take better stock of the feedback in the field and improve your products.

Make allies and join forces.

Unity is strength.

In marketing terms, it is called co-registration when two advertisers run a campaign together. They often have complementary markets and can both benefit from the exchange of information for personalised targeting and better quality data.

Joining forces with another brand enables you to expand your audience, whether it is through creating a contest, a promotional offer, a demonstration or additional free services.

Optimise your social campaigns

You cannot ignore social networks when it comes to collect performance leads. A well-managed advertising campaign can be a powerful tool. Advertisers can use Facebook or Instagram to share their messages. By paying only on results, social advertising offers a new marketing relay to collect and categorise your prospects.

It is also a good way to develop your community and raise brand awareness with as many people as possible.

Performance lead generation is a paradigm shift for advertisers. It is no longer a question of spending on multiple channels and merely hoping for a providential return on investment. Now it is all about focusing on what pays off. Basically, it’s all about performing well!

If you want to feed your sales force, then entrust us with your lead acquisition project!

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