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Affiliate campaigns: what advertising terms and conditions to offer?

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Affiliation campaigns
Affiliation campaigns
Affiliation campaigns
Affiliation campaigns
Affiliation campaigns


Establishing a trusting relationship between advertiser and website operator/owner is precisely what the aim of an affiliate campaign is. In order for this relationship to work effectively, it needs to be founded on clear and transparent commitments. From the authorisation of the levers used and the availability of the advertising formats through to the payment, everything needs to be under proper control. And the advertising conditions are a significant and important part of the process for both advertisers and publishers when it comes to increasing the number of conversions.

Payments: the key aspect

Why would an affiliate choose to work with one brand rather than another? There is always a personal affinity aspect involved. Of course, we always work better and more effectively with brands we know, respect and like, but that’s not everything. Payment is the whole raison d’être of performance marketing. This means you need to know how to thank those who put effort into marketing a brand and promoting particular offers.

Advertisers are generally completely open and transparent in providing information about their payment terms and conditions. This percentage, in particular, is a crucial factor, as it can vary based on product category, offer type and brand. This is why it constitutes an important lever for generating loyalty, i.e. in terms of turnover (before tax) generated by the conversions produced by affiliates.

In addition to the level of payment, you also need to be transparent with respect to the payment terms. You need to forget about offering a topped up gift card every four months. Payment by bank transfer, or via a PayPal type third-party payment service, within 30 to 45 days, will always be more welcome and appreciated.

Special deals, cashback offers and promo codes

Promo codes provide a way of obtaining substantial discounts on purchases, and are very widely used to boost the number of visitors to websites. They are provided by advertisers and apply to specific products or are valid for specific periods of time.  They form part of the range of levers affiliates can use to promote the advertiser’s offers. The same principle applies to special deals and cashback offers. The more an advertiser is able to vary the range of advertising tools and resources available, the more attractive they will be in the eyes of publishers.

Where discount codes are not available, there are other options to explore, such as free deliveries and the current promotional offers. When presenting your advertising terms conditions to affiliates, it’s transparency that counts.

Offer duration

For a long time, online advertising offers were dependent on cookies and the length of time they lasted before expiring. With the arrival of mobile internet and the omnichannel approach, however, other technologies have proven to be more effective. Nevertheless, the basic approach remains the same. You need to define a clear calendar respecting the duration of the offer and stick to it. That way you can properly manage link and promo code expirations.

It’s actually easier for an affiliate to work with their community over the medium to long term rather than the short term. That way, they have time to create relevant content that’s properly aligned with the advertiser’s values and objectives. The seasonality and duration of offers can have an impact on campaign success. This is an additional reason to decide these aspects carefully and share this information.

Email campaigns: the little extra touch that can make the difference

Managing an email advertising campaign needs to be done prudently. The content, if not approved and properly controlled, can have major impacts. Strict terms and conditions can therefore be applied here, in accordance with the strategy chosen, the message, the offers to be promoted, etc.

The email kit plays an important role in making it easier to carry out this work, as much for the advertiser as for the website owner/operator. Email kits are made up of an HTML file designed to simplify the page layout process for the campaign. It include high-quality images and visuals that have already been pre-approved and perfectly sized and formatted. Integrating an email campaign option into your overall advertising campaign makes it possible. It enhance your offer and adapt your promotional campaigns in strict compliance with the GDPR.

The advertising terms and conditions applied to an affiliate campaign should not be taken lightly. Nowadays affiliates, like advertisers, are looking for good economic performance. In that context, being able to bring the offer into contact with the demand is essentially expert work. Because above and beyond just simple editorial and commercial choices. What also counts is employing the right approach within an overall marketing strategy, as much for the affiliates as for the brands themselves. And when it comes to successfully achieving this. There is nothing better than having experts by your side to help and support you. Contact the Kwanko team today!

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