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From Marketing to Martech, the New Challenges of the Marketer

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Marketing and Martech Challenges
Marketing and Martech Challenges
Marketing and Martech Challenges
Marketing and Martech Challenges
Marketing and Martech Challenges


While marketing has long been based on pillars that seemed immovable – the famous 4Ps as they were taught for decades at business schools, the advent of new technologies has changed the game considerably. We no longer speak of marketing, but of “martech”.

Merging marketing and technologies, “martech” is characteristic of the techno colouring of the new pillars of marketing. Dozens of innovations, fueled by big data and adapted to the mobile behaviours of consumers have changed the way marketing professionals work. So, have you mastered these 6 marketing approaches? Let’s take a tour.

Publicity and Promotion

It is well known, you must communicate to get known. Faced with the multiplication of channels of communication and the fragmentation of audiences, online advertising has also adapted. It is present everywhere on all media and offers a variety of containers for a variety of contents.

Adapted to mobility, advertising is present on mobile formats. In the display version optimized by real-time bidding (RTB), it display on the web. With native mode, it integrates with major publishing sites. In video mode, it can be dynamic, targeted and optimized for social networks.

Knowing and understanding all the marketing levers available to a marketer gives you more latitude to communicate and maximize your return on investment.

Content and Customer Experience

Converting a prospect into a customer takes time and careful advance planning. A strategy that focuses on engaging and quality content, as well as on a complete and successful customer experience. Combining the two is a good practice that puts you on the path to success.

Whether on a mobile or a computer, with static or dynamic content, your content marketing feeds on your corporate storytelling. It’s up to you to tell a story that aligns with your brand values and business goals. Martech offers many tools to help you: email marketing, optimization, customization and testing, digital asset management, SEO, marketing automation, lead management …

Social and Relational Marketing

It’s an understatement to say that social networks have completely changed the way consumers interact online. They have helped create a new model based on a relational approach that multiplies contact points and opportunities for promotions.

Whether it is account-based marketing, social interactions through online events, live streaming, training or other tutorials, the user is at the centre of a unique digital ecosystem. A brand that takes advantage is a brand that will be able to succeed in the game. Each action is monitored and measured using analytics and a CRM, in order to measure the influence and the user path of the conversion funnel.

Online Shopping and Sales

For online selling sites, the web is a formidable playing field. Whether in B2B or B2C, omnichannel marketing has transformed the business relationship between customers and sellers. Bots and artificial intelligence are now part of the equation, as are predictive algorithms for cross-selling. Vendors or salespeople are equipped with tablets and brands to develop strategies from Mobile Sales Enablement where the virtual store and the actual store are one. Affiliation has become word-of-mouth 2.0 and partnership marketing is becoming more and more important Selling online is simple and easy. Selling well on-line, however, requires more and more expertise and skills for marketers.

Big data

It is in the billions and everywhere around us all the time. Everything is recorded, compiled, scrutinized and analyzed. A connection, a click, a download, a purchase or a viewing. Data management is the essential point of martech and these technologies are developing every day: a data store, data exchange, geolocation, data visualization, business intelligence, CRM onboarding, DMP … all technologies that enrich the daily life of marketing professionals, but which also require a solid scientific culture.

Management and project management

In the tools of everyday life, technologies have evolved the business of marketing. All data and information is stored in the cloud, teams are decentralized, more expert and more agile. Online collaboration tools have multiplied to better manage ongoing projects and recruit the talents of tomorrow. Automation facilitates daily work and marketers focus on high-value tasks.

Marketing has been one of the most reinvented sectors of the last twenty years. It is a hybrid science between creativity, project management, strategic rigour and scientific approach. Virtual and augmented reality will move the lines in the next few years and technology will become an ally if it is well mastered.

Faced with such profusion, today’s marketer is a conductor and an architect who must be well supported. It’s impossible to know everything in detail. The important thing is to know the cogs of the machine and to surround yourself well in order to know how to optimize them. An exciting challenge in a fast-evolving world.

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