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Which are the most effective tools for lead acquisition ?

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Good lead acquisition is the product of a strong lead generation strategy. The goal is to help people get to know your brand in order to attract visitors to your digital touchpoints. To do this, it’s important to know who to talk to and what to say: the great challenge of targeting. Creating buyer personas lets you collect all the information you need to provide the right people with precise, targeted content.  Once this preliminary work is complete, it’s time to identify and get to know the most effective tools for lead acquisition. Though these can vary according to industry and customer type (B2B or B2C), most organisations generally have the same classification systems.  Illustrations.

Affiliate marketing: for guaranteed performance.

Email marketing: the bedrock for a strong affiliate campaign

Email marketing is the first lead acquisition tool to put into motion. One advantage of entrusting an affiliate platform with a campaign is the fact that they have a qualified database network that adheres to partner opt-in regulations. This lead acquisition tool yields excellent results as our customers can attest to.

Influence marketing: a great lead acquisition tool

Influence marketing aims broadly, with the general goal of increasing brand exposure. This either entails working towards a branding goal (using influencers) or a conversion goal using micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Influence marketing aims to leverage the community-building potential of influencers, who share their lives or passions on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Influencers exist in many areas, including wellbeing, sport, travel, and cooking. However, we must not forget to take a more professional approach in the B2B space. LinkedIn is home to a number of B2B influencers, speakers, distinguished professionals or researchers.

Spread your advertising message with display marketing

Display marketing entails using third-party sites to advertise and promote your brand. Don’t forget to comprise the advertising inserts to which space is dedicated to content production websites. There are also specially designed webpage layout systems, which can include videos. You need to know which tend to be used in event-based marketing. It could be the release of a new product or film or the announcement of an upcoming occasion. When a visitor clicks on an ad, they are redirected to a landing page that gives them all the information they need. Each landing page includes a CTA, which allows marketers to measure conversion rates.

Social networks: high-performance lead acquisition tools

Two main approaches for social media management. First, there is organic content. For advertisers, regularly publishing new content boosts interaction and sharing, while transforming social networks into a space for communication. Varied content is the key to success: third-party articles, native video, images, photo albums, GIFs, long and short-form posts, etc. However, when reach starts to decline, marketers tend to need to start paying to expand their sphere of influence.

For an effective tool for lead acquisition growth use SMA (social media advertising). Advertising on social platforms allows marketers to reach their exact target audiences and gain new visitors who may then grow into prospects. Campaign success also depends heavily on knowing your buyer personas, as well as on design quality.

Paid and organic SEO

Most requests often start with a search engine. This is why advertisers must optimise their SEO to include relevant, regularly updated content. Page loading times, responsive design and site security must also be monitored.

However, because competition is high, marketers can also generate leads through paid SEO (SEA, or Search Engine Advertising) and position themselves on specific keywords. Very useful for generating more traffic and making your brand known. But it can become expensive. The auctioning system increases keyword pricing according to how frequently they are searched for.

Acquiring new prospects is a top priority for service marketing. This is a constantly evolving strategy that updates and renews your prospect base while consolidating your brand image. Let the  Kwanko team take care of your lead acquisition project!

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