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How to Increase the Volume of Sales on your Website this Summer?

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How to Increase the Volume of Sales on your Website this Summer? Ah, summer: the beach, the sound of the cicadas, the sun, evenings with friends, total relaxation… It all feels a long way from the noisy, fast-paced business world, doesn’t it? But this period no longer necessarily means people disconnecting and slow sales. Consumers still buy at this time of year and businesses should be investing to reach their goals. Some sectors like sport, wellness, tourism, training and individual and business services continue to operate in summer. Although the pace may drop off a little, this is the perfect time to make yourself heard, win back market share and reach new clients who could become loyal ambassadors in time. Let’s explore this further.

Sales in summer: a must

July is always an intense month. With clearance, new mark-downs and wary individuals who want to avoid the crowds already preparing for the back-to-school period in September, July is a good month for business and for increasing sales on your site. And preparation for this period can also be done online with special offers for digital pure-play companies and online vendors using an omnichannel strategy to boost their sales.

Then there is the never-ending stream of current events for newsjackers. Music festivals, Wimbledon, the Tour de France, exam results, The Proms, Notting Hill Carnival and other events all provide an opportunity for you to mobilise your community during the Sales period by providing tailored content.

Go digital and adapt what you’re offering

It’s often said that clients are hard to reach during the holidays. But the truth is that, just like the rest of the year, they are never off their phones – even at the beach. So, this is the time to use digital campaigns to make yourself known: on social media, via affiliate and influencer marketing, SEA, etc. There are various different ways to reach mobile users who are on holiday to increase sales.

You can use geolocation to carefully target individuals in a particular region. You can tailor your marketing to prospect location. For local traders, it’s the perfect time to bring tourists into store using drive-to-store campaigns.

Then, if you have a well-designed website, users can place an order from their phones in just a few seconds. Payment is even going digital with solutions like Apple Pay. Meanwhile, mobile apps are key catalysts that facilitate the customer journey, wherever clients are located. You could even go further by offering deliveries to your clients’ holiday accommodation…

B2B is slow…or not

It’s true that companies can see business slow in the summer…but this isn’t the case for managers and decision-makers. Although they can rest, they can never truly switch off. They can relax, but use their holiday time to catch up on the reading they didn’t have time for during the year. It’s a good idea to coordinate your marketing and offer ‘summer edition’ content with B2B messages sent out in white papers, magazines, and even paper-based content. If you educate, evangelise and share good ideas, your hard work will pay off come September and even increase sales on your site in summer.

Automate and pre-plan your campaigns

By working with an agency, your ads will still be put out even when you’re on holiday. This means clients will continue to pour in, even if you send your marketing and sales teams away for a break. You can also plan and schedule campaigns in advance so you’re not completely out of the picture or giving your competitors free rein. Although customer services staff must always be contactable to deal with client requests and questions, marketing colleagues can have time off to recharge ready to start off on the right foot come September. With Kwanko, you can pre-plan and schedule online ad campaigns! Learn more by filling in a contact request here!

Plan your September campaigns

People sometimes prepare very early for September, especially if they have children. So, it’s a good opportunity to look ahead, work out what you want to offer, think about your campaigns and prepare for website updates. September often marks the start of a new phase that can be even more significant than January. Lots of brands make the most of this. For sectors as diverse as beauty, sport, lifestyle, decor, travel, health, tourism, and even insurance and financial products, it’s a good time to take stock of needs and get acts together.

Summer is a transitional period that often marks a return to form between two seasons. But, despite appearances, it’s also a time that can be busy for opportunists: the second you decide to take your foot off the pedal, your competitors will take advantage. So, it’s time to drive more sales than them with the help of the Kwanko Team!

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