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6 myths about advertising during the summer vacation season

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Advertising during the summer
Advertising during the summer
Advertising during the summer
Advertising during the summer
Advertising during the summer


This seems crazy, but did you ever thought about advertising during the summer vacation season? I’m asking this because all over the world, brands tend to reduce a lot of their investment within this time period.

Don’t get me wrong, it made sense in so many ways… a few years ago!

Why are you still keeping this old tradition TODAY? Here are a few reasons why you kept doing the same thing and what changed since then.

1. “People are not in the buying spirit during the summer vacation season”

Well, for this one, you just need to… Ask Google. According to Google, based on huge amounts of data they collect continuously, more than 50% of the shoppers are willing to purchase something from new retailers. I find this quite impressive. Don’t you?

It’s even more interesting if you notice that there are not that many brands advertising during this summer vacation season. A bit like yourself. ? This represents a great chance to get new customers if you haven’t noticed yet.

And if you’re in the HealthDiet or Fitness category, you’re in even better luck. It seems that 44% of consumers have purchased something in this category in the summer. Surprised?

2. “They are not easy to find during this period”

The funny thing about digital is that it’s not physical. You can travel, relax on a beach or go out with friends and still be connected. Especially because we have become slaves to those terrible devices called smartphones.

Even in vacations, we still carry these devices everywhere. And what do you do with it? You check your social notifications, your feeds, your emails (at least the personal one) and you’re impacted with savvy brands while you navigate. Is your brand present at this moment or is it your competitor?

Using Smartphone during the Summer Vacation Season

And what makes smartphones so damn good for digital advertising is that it shows where your audience is. You can personalize your advertising according to where they are.

3. “B2B campaigns don’t work in the summer vacation season”

Can you tell me how many vacations days you take in a row in a year? I would risk it to say it’s not more than 10 to 15 days, right? And that’s when you’re really committed to taking some time off. So, this happens to a lot of people as well. In some countries, these numbers are even considered outrageous.

Hence, why do you pause an entire month or more of your ad investment?

If you segment your advertising properly and aim for the right audience, they’re being impacted by your brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer vacation period or not. They’re the right people and they’re making decisions then or after that time off.

4. “Our marketing team has too many people in the summer vacation season”

That might be the case, however, even you’re a one-man (or woman) show you still can automatize most of it. There are so many solutions out there to keep you in the loop for a snapshot of the results and to program almost everything.

Ever heard of the motto earning money while you’re sleeping? It can be the case.

Let’s face it. If you have the help of an agency, they would have a team ready to handle your advertising. If you don’t have one, you can still program your ad investment based on previous results with maximum and minimum investment per day/week.

If your conversion pipeline might be unable to provide the conversion fulfillment, then you might as well close the entire company for that period. But again, we might as well be speaking of maximum 15 days, right?

Let me give you a suggestion though: Get in touch with our team and let them work for you this summer?

You can go on vacation completely relaxed since you have a full team of performance marketing professionals to deliver the results you define in the first place.

Traveling for the Summer Vacation Season well Informed

5. “It’s hard to have someone to distribute our campaigns since they’re out as well”

It might be the case if you’re handling these campaigns directly with Publishers and some of them are out, which seems odd since every publisher needs to keep feeding their audience. Even in the summer. If you were using a Publisher Network powerhouse like Kwanko it wouldn’t be the case, though.

But let’s say that most of them are out in this period. None of them will be saying no to more investment in their channel. Like in the previous suggestion, they can also schedule these campaigns to run in that period. Some of the campaigns we run at Kwanko are pre-scheduled in advance and we have dedicated account managers in every Publisher just in case something might go wrong. Gremlins might even exist. We don’t know.

6. “It’s early to plan back-to-school campaigns”

According to Google, there’s about 40% of searches for that topic using mobile in the summer. Surprised? Well, if you have kids, it isn’t that surprising.

If you have something related to this interest, you might as well enjoy this period to get your brand out there. Go ahead and stay in your potential customers’ minds by well-prepared advertising campaigns.

Also, according to this other study77% plan to start shopping at least 3 weeks before school begins. Are you still not convinced to create enough rapport beforehand?

In conclusion

If you stick to the tradition, you will be missing out big time in getting extra revenue for your business. People are still out there in the summer. Maybe some will be in front of a beach or be traveling, but they’re still living and you can still be in touch with them in so many ways.

Even you’re feeling insecure about it, get in touch with our team and see all the solutions we can provide for you. Be supported by professionals who have been doing this for years. Yes, even before you decided that it might be a good idea to stay on your customers’ minds in the summer as well.

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