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7 errors to avoid with affiliate marketing!

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Like any marketing lever, affiliate marketing – and performance-based advertising more generally – must be handled with care. In fact, finding a balance between the expectations of the community who want relevant content, those of the publisher who wants payment for their work, and those of the advertiser, who wants to reach and convert as many people as possible, can be a complex task. This is why it is always useful to reassess the matter together in order to make good choices and avoid unsuccessful campaigns that you will regret at a later stage.

Error no. 1: passing on outdated sales links

You click on a promotional link that seems interesting and arrive at an error 404 or a product page with a price or a model that has nothing to do with what was advertised. Can you imagine the frustration for visitors?

This type of situation occurs when there is a lack of communication between the publishers and the advertisers, but also when the product catalogue has not been updated (or has been inaccurately updated) or, lastly, when the publisher has not taken the time to inspect its content. To avoid this, all links must be regularly tested and an in-depth quality inspection must be performed on the promoted offers.

Error no. 2: disappointing customers with unsuitable content

Selling a product that is not in keeping with reality can be off-putting for potential customers. This is an error that occurs when offered content (banners, email kit etc.) does not correspond to the services or products sold on the merchant site. Result: the level of deception is high and the customer experience takes a hit.

Error no. 3: failing to enrich your content

It is tempting to spend more time managing your promotional campaigns that on improving the quality of your website. However, it is important that you know how to maintain and continually improve your website. Without this, in the long-term, there is a risk that visitors will not return and advertisers will leave.

You must therefore enrich your content, update your home page and add impact to your website so that it always feels fresh. This is a strategy that can be optimised by means of A/B tests, with a view to perfecting its content in order that you send out the right message at the right time.

Error no. 4: thinking you can manage everything on your own

For some advertisers, affiliate marketing is a lever that functions independently, almost with no work involved. However, while it is true that it can be automated in part, managing an affiliate marketing campaign requires significant work in both the preparation and the execution. Not to mention the real-time monitoring and adjustment on the basis of the initial results.

Not all companies have the resources suitable for managing affiliate marketing campaigns. Within a multi-channel world in which you have to be everywhere at once, it is difficult to do without an expert who can take care of this work for you.

Error no. 5: expecting an immediate return

Affiliate marketing takes time to implement as it is a system that relies on the trust of a community and its connection with the publisher. Being in too much of a hurry and throwing in the towel if things don’t happen quickly enough is a common error. It is better to take the time to work alongside your publishers and optimise your tools (email kits, CTA, landing page…) so as to in turn optimise your online campaigns, than to make hasty choices.

Error no. 6: failing to provide KPIs

Affiliate marketing relies on a specific relationship between a publisher and an advertiser. In this regard, transparency is a valuable asset. It is therefore important to share your key performance indicators with your publishers (number of clicks, customer path, conversions etc.). This data is of strategic value in enabling them to adapt their strategy in real time, and thus refine the campaign and reinforce essential messages.

Error no. 7: failing to stand by your financial commitments

Online, reputations can make you or break you. If you commit to pay a specific commission, you must stick to it. This is the best way to establish loyalty among your most effective publishers.

Incidentally, financial commitments are not limited to the percentage or the total amount, but also concern the time frame and method of payment. Again, transparency and a smooth process are also essential here.

Affiliate marketing is an effective marketing lever, provided that it is well managed. Between searching for publishers, establishing a relationship with advertisers, implementing campaigns and performing ongoing adjustment, this is a strategy that requires specific expertise. The best approach is therefore to call in the experts, who will never commit any of these 7 errors. Contact our team!

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