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e-commerce cpa

100% Performance with Guaranteed ROI

Why Kwanko?

Kwanko focuses on long-term relationships with our clients, which means that the ultimate goal is to provide regular sales. It’s the only way to keep having your brand as a long-term client.

You need to receive value every single day.

Our large site network can provide a steady flow of traffic to your e-commerce site and just pay per valid sales on your dashboard. It’s a no-risk venture with guaranteed ROI.

Channels Available for E-Commerce

Social Media Ads

We invest in social media ads, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and remove your risk of the equation.

paid search

If people are searching for your product or service they will see your solution but without any risk of investment from your part.

media buying


Not only it will serve as an SEO friendly channel, it would produce rapport and reputation for your audience to convert better.

native ads

Adblock friendly format and highly engaging channel to promote your solution and get qualified leads to your conversion funnel.


Leverage the Premium Branding channel on a pure performance perspective, without risk and all the gains.

text links

Highly effective channel to promote your brand across one of the largest site networks in the world to produce quality leads.


cashback & comparison sites

To be present on several sites that reach your core target and with loyalty strategies to keep your audience coming back.

E-Commerce CPA

cost per sale

qualified publishers
qualified publishers

Comparison Sites

Generic and specialist

reach prospects that have an affinity with your brand

Highly qualified prospects

Looking for a specific product

Possibility of filtering

segmentation, and geolocation

Voucher and deal Aggregators

generating new leads and establishing loyalty

Quality control

A dedicated publisher team in charge of ensuring that codes are used properly on the publishers’ sites.

Use our ROI simulator for an estimate


increase your customer repeat purchase rates


A powerful CRM tool and community of buyers.

Conversion rate

Strengthen the effectiveness of your other acquisition levers

Traffic and visibility

Boost your visibility according to your key events of the year


convert your visitors into customers

Click rate

An increase of around 5%

Conversion rate

An increase of around 25%


A highly targeted message aimed at web users having just visited your site and therefore most likely to become customers

On Site Retargeting

retain and convert your prospects

Basket reconstruction

Capture details about the web user’s selection in real time.

Cross device

Mobile, tablet, and desktop

Use our ROI simulator for an estimate

Web Push Notifications

dynamic feed-based browser notifications

Online Events

Cart abandonment / Product page drop-offs

Product attribute based

Price change alert / Inventory based alert

Offline data based

Loyalty points / Delivery status

email retargeting

cart-abandoning customers, simple visitors: convert them into customers


To get a conversion rate of around 4.2%


An average open rate of 31%

Use our ROI simulator for an estimate

Our Experts

Faride Amghar
France Director

2019 will be our best year in affiliate and e-commerce sales. All the numbers point to that sweet spot where users confidence in e-commerce and mobile online purchases combine.

Thanks to this extensive reach, Kwanko is able to meet every need of our international clients with qualitative offers that generate added-value, no matter the area. Boost your sales with the N°1 Performance Advertising Player in the World !


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