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Why Is It so Important to Work With the Best Email Marketing Providers?

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It was thought to be losing momentum, almost dead and buried in the wake of social networks, instant messaging and mobile applications. What’s that? Email of course! And not only is it still alive, but it’s been given a new lease of life through email marketing.

Email remains the safest and most effective way to directly hit your target audiences. An email address is permanent and generally active. It plays an important role in users’ digital activities. To optimize your marketing campaigns via email, you need to work with providers who specialize in email marketing. Because nothing is more precious and fleeting than an email address in terms of the personal connection between a brand and a prospect.

Quality data

Everyone has an email address: prospects, customers, suppliers, third-party data providers… But what matters is not the volume, but the quality of the data. When advertisers want to develop their branding, focusing on price is not necessarily a good idea: cheap data often means ineffective email marketing. There is even a real risk for brand image and awareness. In fact, obsolete or incorrect data can be considered as spam and reach the wrong recipients. The more your messages pile up in the spam folder, the more your credibility will be affected. Therefore encouraging email providers to classify your messages as spam. The more emails you send, the less they are read: it’s a vicious circle that is difficult to break.

A quality email marketing provider understands these issues and takes them very seriously. But it goes beyond mere deliverability: if email addresses are relevant, target segmentation will be too. Each advertiser has a different target. The best email marketing providers are able to precisely segment users’ profiles. High added value data guarantees accurate collection of demographic information to select the email addresses that really match your brand personas.

Compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Since May 25th, 2018, the GDPR has changed the playing field regarding the protection of privacy and users’ personal data. Choosing the right supplier means choosing a company that is aware of these issues and committed to comply with the GDPR. With the GDPR, advertisers are responsible for the services provided by their partners, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Conformity must, therefore, be a priority. This is why all data must, of course, be “opt-in” and comply with the current regulations. Using a quality provider is a time saver for advertisers and the best way to reach a new audience with total peace of mind.

Leverage on technologies that fit into a global strategy

Email marketing is a powerful tool but it cannot stand alone. It must be part of a global online marketing strategy that integrates other high-performance tools in order to collect, develop and convert leads.

A proper strategy must be implemented, combining cross-device tracking, affiliate marketing, and advertising. The data must transferable from one platform to another and from one tool to another in order to guide prospects into the conversion funnel.

Your provider must be able to advise you on the flow of data within a digital ecosystem where processes are now highly fragmented. The goal: make data intelligible and usable in order to create a consistent experience.

Develop synergies with third-party data

Beyond the data that specialized providers can make available to advertisers, it is also important to ensure that they are able to integrate your campaigns in other media. Whether through dedicated emailing or newsletter insertion, advertisers can reach relevant prospects for their brand and personas through these partnerships.

An email marketing expert will create a custom-made campaign with specific targets selected for their affinity with your brand. It’s a good way of improving your notoriety, develop your reach and collect high potential prospects. Various business models are available to adapt to all budgets and optimize ROI: CPM, CPC, CPL, MG (Minimum Guarantee), etc. Whether your objective is to increase brand awareness, sales growth or lead generation, there is a solution for every requirement.

For a long time, email marketing has been like a lawless Frontier town. Email addresses were exchanged, sold and rented unscrupulously, without any supervision and without users being aware of it. This era has almost gone and advertisers are now aware of the negative impact and potential risks of a poorly-constructed campaign. Email marketing should not be just about acquiring data but a lever with which to build a relevant long-term strategy.

With 15 years experience in managing email marketing campaigns in e-commerce and lead generation, Kwanko is perfectly placed to support you in your future strategy.

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