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7 tips to create Black Friday banners that convert!

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black friday banners
black friday banners
black friday banners
black friday banners
black friday banners


Black Friday is an unmissable commercial event for both physical traders and online sales professionals. The pressure is intense because customers are expecting major deals and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you sometimes have to fight for it. One of the levers that work best is online advertising. In-display version, your banners will bring your marketing strategy to life to boost your sales and increase awareness of your company or brand. To learn how to create really effective banners, follow this guide!

Never underestimate the importance of design

A banner is not just a photo with a big colored button that encourages people to buy a product. It is primarily a representation of your brand, or product offer, and must be carefully designed; it should not contain too much text, the images should be high-quality and the file size shouldn’t be too big. Design is an important factor in the success of a banner and a creative studio is often necessary. If you do not have the resources internally, you must outsource.

Create several versions

Banners adapt to publishers’ mediums. They can include different formats, sizes and styles. They may be square, rectangular or with special features when they are in-app. As an advertiser, you have to plan for different formats and sizes in advance. This will allow you to ensure a certain degree of continuity in the design and messages shared.

Update your product catalogue

Banners that are linked to your catalogue are more effective. But all the data has to be up to date. Look at the current offers and delete those that are no longer relevant or that you do not currently wish to draw attention to. This means you can promote a particular offer or automate your product display based on preset rules.

Be consistent with your branding

Ensure that your product and your brand is recognisable. Either your product is iconic and unique and speaks for itself or you have to incorporate a name, a logo, a graphic style, and so on. When they see your banner, the targeted internet user should be able to quickly distinguish who you are and what you do. If they click on your ad and are redirected to your site or landing page, there should be a visual logic to encourage them to pursue their navigation. This logic applies to the choice of colors, font, text, graphic style, etc.

Try out rich media

Banners may now include animations, innovative CTAs or videos. Of course, they must be used sparingly to avoid falling into “Christmas tree syndrome” like those overly flashy, glaring websites from the early 2000s. But when used well, rich media gives your banners that special something. It gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and to showcase your products. Generally, rich media banners have higher click rates but you also need a variety of styles and formats.

Create dynamic banners

These are banners that adapt based on multiple criteria, such as the stock of available products, competitors’ prices, etc. If anything in your catalogue changes, your offer is immediately updated. If a product is not selling well, a dynamic banner can be used to automatically post special campaigns.

You can also add a timer for a special 24 hours offer for example. This means that internet users can see the seconds and minutes count down until the promotion ends.

Adjust your banners in real time

Black Friday is intense but short (a couple of days at the most, even if you include Cyber Monday). So you, therefore, have to monitor and change your banners swiftly. If they are not performing very well, do not hesitate to replace them or change the product. A successful Black Friday is also based on the speed that advertisers rotate.

Above and beyond your products, you can update your hook lines and photos to hit on the right combination that chimes with your audience.


Black Friday is a major, highly strategic time of the year for e-salespeople. And banners are one of the founding elements of your approach. Successful banners can accelerate your sales or scare off potential customers. From design to campaign organisation to offer management, you need eyes everywhere. That is why you need good support for a successful Black Friday.

November 28th 2019 is coming fast! Contact our team for a personalised Black Friday support and help package proposal – it’s not too late!

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