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Kwanko will be present at the E-Marketing Exhibition to talk about Influencer Marketing

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E-Marketing Exhibition
E-Marketing Exhibition
E-Marketing Exhibition
E-Marketing Exhibition
E-Marketing Exhibition


The E-Marketing exhibition, a major digital marketing event, will take place on April 18th – 20th. It will highlight the latest solutions that appeal to connected consumers. During this gathering, Julien Tournier, who is in charge of the publishers and influencer division at Kwanko, will give a conference on influencer marketing.

Kwanko will be present at the 2017 E-Marketing exhibition. It will take place on April 18th, 19th and 20th at the Porte de Versailles Parc des Expositions. Nearly 300 exhibitors will take part in the event to talk about digital marketing and customer relations. During different workshops, various solutions will be presented, particularly through the testimonies of experts from the business world.

Influencer Marketing, the next big e-Marketing Trend

Julien Tournier - Head of Publishers at KwankoAmong the 6 plenary conferences proposed, visitors will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on influencer marketing with Julien Tournier, the head of the influencer division at Kwanko. A genuine 2.0 word-of-mouth, influencer marketing has become one of the main sources of information in the purchasing process.

Indeed, the latest studies show that almost 80% of consumers are very receptive to the influencers’ recommendations. Although the effectiveness of this lever no longer needs to be proven, most brands still struggle to build effective and successful influence campaigns.

Targeting strategy, customer experience, storytelling, the definition of the KPIs… So many elements that need to be monitored if you want to get good results in influencer marketing. Based on concrete customer cases, this conference will give you the keys to build an influencer campaign that will result in a positive impact on brand awareness, an improvement in Internet users’ perception as well as an increase in the sales generated.

A Better Understanding of Connected Consumers

Getting to know customers has become quite a challenge for advertisers. “Digital addicts” or connected consumers are also increasingly familiar with the latest innovations . They quickly adopt solutions that make their lives easier. Augmented reality, 4D, new digital experiences, social networks… Thanks to these innovative media, consumers have become the best ambassadors of a brand within their community.

Dedicated to customer relations, the E-Marketing exhibition will bring together stakeholders from all connected marketing fields. Social marketing, rich & video marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, ePub, bots… the event will address all the solutions for gaining effectiveness at the time of uberization and the digitalisation of the economy. It will also provide an opportunity for digital marketing stakeholders to expand their address books, discuss or debate marketing trades and receive valuable advice in order to adapt their strategy to the challenges of the future.

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