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Influencer Marketing: a Strategic Branding Tool

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Backed by vast communities and high-performance content, opinion leaders have become vital partners for brands. Julien Tournier, Head of Publishing at Kwanko, presents his company’s «Influencer Marketing» offer. Which allows advertisers to highlight their brand image, arouse customer interest and eventually generate sales.

Julien Tournier - Head of Publishers at Kwanko

What are the objectives of Kwanko’s «Influence» offer?

Julien Tournier: This offer allows us to address the growing need of advertisers to not only improve their branding and viral marketing but also increase their traffic and conversion rates. Whether it be for a specific event (product launch, sales, crisis management) or over the long term, our teams help brands conceive and implement influencer marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to succeed.

Who can benefit most from Kwanko’s «Influence»offer?

Fashion, beauty, healthcare, sports, high-tech, decoration?Whatever the line of business advertisers are in, we can provide them with solutions that fit their own particular needs. Thanks to our expertise and network of influencers, we are able to broadcast an advertiser’s messages to a specific audience. Via the social networks, blogs, content sites, or targeted media using customized formats. (sponsored articles, wraps, videos, posts, contests, native advertising, etc.).

Which method do you use to come up with influencer campaigns?

After fully analyzing a brand’s DNA, we identify influencers who share this DNA, then create suitable content and develop the influencer scenarios which are most relevant for the specific case. Benefiting from our range of management tools, our team of experts rigorously optimizes the performance of the campaign, from the implementation stages all the way until the end of the operation.

What kind of results can your customers expect?

Allow me to use a specific example to illustrate this point. The Body Shop asked us to create a special campaign to promote their Advent calendar. Teaming up with the fashion and beauty YouTuber Noémie (Make Up Touch), we prepared a contest, a special video, video inserts, and Instagram posts. The result was that the brand gained in visibility (200,000 people reached) and improved its brand image (+123,000 likes and +18,000,000 subscribers),

What are the strong points of your offer compared to those of your competitors?

Identifying the right influencers has become a real challenge for brands. Let’s take the example of two bloggers having the same positioning and the same type of audience for the same operation?well, these two people may not produce the same results! That’s where Kwanko comes in.

Drawing from our network of 5,000 influencers, we can offer tailor-made campaigns which meet the needs of each individual customer. Furthermore, our position as the European leader of performance marketing guarantees that advertisers will enjoy concrete results (KPIs). We stand out from our competitors by offering customers human expertise and a consulting style approach.

You have been promoting the «Influence» offer for a few months now. How has it been received?

Actually, we first launched this offer and began testing it on our customers more than four years ago. Since 2014, we have created more than 4,000 campaigns for 130 different customers.

In the beginning, it was mainly a matter of creating one-shot actions, but eventually, our customers started requesting campaigns with common threads. Advertisers began to see the benefits of influencer marketing. That’s why, today, many of them ask for our help on a year-long basis.

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