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Analyse your Black Friday performance with Kwanko’s advanced statistics

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Performances Black Friday Kwanko
Performances Black Friday Kwanko
Performances Black Friday Kwanko
Performances Black Friday Kwanko
Performances Black Friday Kwanko


We hope you had a great Black Friday and that your campaigns were a great success. To help you better analyse your post-Black Friday performance, Kwanko provides you with a full range of advanced statistical analysis features.

Here’s how to get the most out of our tools:

1. Add statistical views to favourites

Save your favourite statistical view settings for quick and convenient access. Save time with instant access to the data that matters to you.

2. Save your columns

Customise your reports by saving your favourite columns. Your choices are automatically saved for future use, providing a smooth and personalised user experience.

3. Manage your bonuses

Access detailed information on the number and amount of bonuses (various fixed fees negotiated during the promotion process) directly in your statistics (see screenshot “save your columns”). Optimise your strategy by understanding the impact of bonuses on your overall results.

4. Custom your statistics reports

Configure your statistics reports according to your specific needs. Choose the data you want to include and define the frequency of delivery (daily, weekly, monthly) to keep you constantly informed of your performance.

5. NEW: Add up to 4 dimensions to your stats

Refine your analyses by adding extra dimensions to your statistics. For example, you can now analyse by campaign / by website / by ad and by date. Get deeper insights to optimise your campaigns and maximise your return on investment.

6. Use our Period comparison tool

Use our period comparison tool by site and by typology with key indicators such as CAC, ROI, ROAS, etc. to analyse your Black Friday 2023 VS 2022. You’ll be able to easily compare your performance and track which publishers performed the most.

7. Optimise the display of your data

Our IT team has made a few improvements to make your life easier. For example, they have optimised:

  • Downloading your statistics in Excel (for a better look and to take accents into account)
  • Opening the information about the publisher websites

8. Kwanko Marketplace: boost your next key highlights!

Black Friday 2023 is over, but there are still plenty of highlights over the next 2 months. Don’t forget to check our marketplace regularly: Christmas and Winter Sale offers are already available.

At Kwanko, our commitment is to provide you with powerful tools to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Take advantage of these advanced features to analyse your post-Black Friday performance and optimise your advertising strategy.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or require further assistance.

The Kwanko team

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