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Kwanko & Made in Live revolutionise shopping experience on social networks with new partnership based on Social Shopping

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In an ever-changing environment, brands with online businesses are continually seeking to create more interactive and committed shopping experiences for consumers.  To meet these expectations, Kwanko, the European leader in performance-based marketing, has teamed up with Made in Live, a specialist in influencer marketing, to develop a new performance-based Social Shopping offer. This collaboration aims to offer consumers a unique and immersive online shopping experience, by combining Kwanko’s expertise in digital marketing with Made in Live’s innovative solution.

In this article, we explore the benefits of the new partnership between Kwanko and Made in Live, and its impact on online shopping.

How does Augmented Social Shopping work? 

Augmented Social Shopping is an immersive, interactive and highly engaging online shopping experience. This approach allows web users to be redirected from the social networks of brands and their influencers to the Made in Live online platform. This platform is adapted and customised according to the brand’s graphic charter.

On this platform, users can discover the products presented by the brand representative (influencer, expert, designer, salesperson, etc.). They can also access the corresponding product sheets with a single click. A chat specially designed to be active on the pre-recorded videos (like the Live videos) allows communities to interact with each other, ask questions and receive immediate answers from the brand and its representative/influencer. Users can add the selected products to their shopping basket and make a secure payment in a single click on the brand’s e-shop.

Made in Live has developed this online platform to combine the advantages of product placement (often not very rewarding and not finalised) and Live Shopping (costly and complex to set up). This new solution combines the power of influencer marketing with ease of purchase, offering an enriched customer experience that is barrier-free and accessible to all brands.

Collaboration between brands and influencers 

One of the key strengths of this new solution is the seamless integration of video throughout the buying process, enabling communities to be influenced from the social network right through to the conversion stage. Brands can collaborate with relevant influencers to promote their products and services to their engaged audience. 

This approach offers brands the opportunity to reach a specific audience and benefit from the influence and trust that influencers have established within their community. By working closely together, brands and influencers can create authentic and engaging content, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty. 

Using the video format, brands can provide detailed information about their products and services, as well as practical demonstrations, helping consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. By harnessing the power of video, brands can create an immersive and compelling shopping experience, strengthening their market position and brand image.

Essential effectiveness measurement

The performance-based Social Shopping offering from Kwanko and Made in Live also includes advanced tools for accurately measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

This gives brands the opportunity to monitor both social feedback and the acquisition performance of ambassadors/influencers (Reach, eCPC, shares, likes, clicks, sales generated, conversion rate, turnover, average basket, etc.).

This valuable data enables brands to optimise their campaigns in real time, adjust their marketing strategy according to the results obtained and achieve a higher return on investment. Thanks to these advanced measurement tools, brands can have a clear view of the impact of their marketing actions, identifying the aspects that are working best and those that require adjustment.

Growth potential for brands

The Augmented Social Shopping solution represents a major growth opportunity for brands. By harnessing the influence of content creators who guide social network communities to the brand’s e-shop, brands can increase their visibility, attract new customers and boost their sales.  Thanks to a fluid and captivating shopping experience, they can offer consumers a unique and personalised interaction.

One of the key advantages of this approach is that all the data generated by Augmented Social Shopping belongs exclusively to the brand. This means that they can freely exploit it to gain valuable insights into the needs and expectations of their customers and prospects. This data can be used to influence the buying journey, from acquisition to loyalty, by proposing fully personalised messages and activations.

What’s more, this solution has a significant impact on the return on investment (ROI) of spending on Social Shopping and on brands’ overall sales. By offering secure shopping on their online shop, brands also retain full ownership of transactional data, strengthening their control and understanding of the performance of their online sales activities.

In conclusion, the partnership between Kwanko and Made in Live marks a major step forward in the field of influencer marketing and social shopping. This collaboration is revolutionising the online shopping experience by offering a compelling approach, close collaboration between brands and influencers, and accurate measurement of campaign effectiveness. By combining Kwanko’s expertise in digital performance marketing with Made in Live’s innovative platform, brands now have the opportunity to increase their visibility, boost sales and stand out in an ever-changing market.

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