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How to make a visibility campaign a success in 3 steps?

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Visibility Campaign
Visibility Campaign
Visibility Campaign
Visibility Campaign
Visibility Campaign


You managed to convince your management to release an extra budget to launch a visibility campaign? First stage… Checked! Your brand and your logo are found everywhere. You are visible and people know you. Second step… Checked! You look at your overviews, your KPIs, and your sales leads, and the anxiety begins to grip you. And for good reason: your conversion rate is bad. Third step… Failed!

How is this possible? The plan was clear though. The problem is that wanting to gain visibility is not a plan in itself. Your budget has been spent but spent poorly. This is the whole problem of the visibility issue, which has become central in the age of information overload and the growth of channels and platforms. Standing out from the crowd does not necessarily require the spending of a lot of money. It needs to be spent wisely and strategically, a strong network and appropriate negotiation. How is this done? We’ll tell you.

There’s no visibility campaign without adapted strategy

Before embarking on a visibility campaign on a display network, you must first be clear about what you want to do with it. There’s no need to invest money, time and energy without specific, measurable and achievable goals.

How does a campagne help?

Do you have a goal in terms of sales or turnover? How do you measure your investment return? Do you have a time constraint? There are so many questions that need detailed answers to structure your visibility campaign.

What is your target?

Wanting to sell to everyone or to as many people as possible is neither a target nor a strategy.. You need to know your audience, build up your buyer personas, knowing who they are, what they do, what their motivations are and at which stage of the conversion funnel or customer journey they are. Without this information, there is a real risk of blindly directing your visibility campaign. What matters is to sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

Choosing a partner

Depending on your goal and your target, you will need to establish the most relevant channels. However, there are also many options: social networks, partnerships with influencers, retargeting, media buying on the main advertising networks, etc. To each solution is its channel. You just have to find which one.

A priority: solid partner websites

Now that you can see more clearly, you must able to rely on trusted partners. Your visibility campaign may lead you to Facebook for ADM, Google for ASP, Instagram for influence, and shopping websites for display. You can always do this on your own, but it may take a lot of time. Not to mention that the results can be limited.

This is the reason why most advertisers work with expert platforms. Have experts available with partner sites and a strong network for an effective visibility campaign.

Of course, your partner will accompany you during the rolling-out of your visibility campaign, but that’s not all. They are responsible for implementing corrective actions and optimizing content according to the results. Real time management for a guarantee of results with medium-term engagement goals.

Negotiating the best deals

Because it works with many customers, the platform also acts a purchasing group. In business, a wholesaler will always get better rates than a small shopkeeper. Online, it’s the same thing. A platform will be able to have additional trading margins and negotiate the best deals for its clients. Not to mention that it knows what to do, which influencers and agencies to contact and which content to optimize thanks to experience.

Depending on volume, budget, and strategic goals, there are several ways to understand your visibility campaigns. We can talk about compensation models such as CPC, CPM, fixed costs, etc. Negotiating the best deals therefore means choosing the best business model for all parties. An effective and sales-generating approach that is organized into a global plan. This negotiation is the heart of the model of your future campaign to get the best ROI possible.

By their very nature, visibility campaigns are a major growth driver on-line. Optimizing this relay requires a thorough knowledge of the many characteristics that compose it. And it is to achieve this that a team of professionals will always be better placed on the organizational and financial to promote your offers in a truly effective way. So ready to check step 3?

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