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Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing

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Kwanko Academy Mobile Marketing
Kwanko Academy Mobile Marketing
Kwanko Academy Mobile Marketing
Kwanko Academy Mobile Marketing
Kwanko Academy Mobile Marketing


Thanks to the Kwanko Academy, the group’s privileged clients and partners will benefit from all Kwanko‘s know-how in order to develop skills on topics related to performance-based marketing such as mobile marketing.

In order to propose an increasingly virtuous and qualitative approach to performance-based marketing, the Kwanko Academy will invite the group’s clients and partners to morning workshops. This first edition which was held at the end of April was devoted to mobile marketing.

The Major Mobile Marketing Trends at the Kwanko Academy

Currently, nearly 80% of the people aged 18 – 75 have a smartphone. In this context, mobile marketing is needed as a vital channel for all e-commerce stakeholders. Indeed, French consumers consult their smartphone 221 times every day, and for 59% of them, at least once within the hour after they wake up.

Due to the democratization of the mobile phone, m-commerce is experiencing a dramatic expansion. Nowadays, one purchase out of four is made on a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, 55% of the purchases made on mobiles are carried out via an application while the remaining 45% are finalized via a website.

Cross-Device Tracking: now a Key Solution

For mobile-optimized marketing campaigns, you must now take into account the users’ cross-device path which represents 46 % of the transactions. The Internet user discovers an offer on their mobile in the morning, analyzes it, studies it, compares it on their computer, and finally, finalizes their purchase in the evening on their tablet.

The challenge is, therefore, to adapt and customize the advertising message. In order to measure the contribution of each device in the users’ purchase path and optimize the advertisers’ investments.  Whether it is broadcast on a computer or on mobile support

By closely studying consumers’ navigation and habits at the level of your campaigns, Kwanko is able to collect a lot of data, which is essential for refining its advertisers’ communication strategy and also adapting the message according to users’ uses.

Global solutions in order to respond to a set of objectives

Like desktop advertising, the mobile display responds to a range of objectives:

  • Notoriety: promote your brand, your service or product by favoring a campaign on the basis of cost per thousand. To attract the consumer’s attention, advertising must thus be broadcast on premium high-traffic websites with powerful, interactive and intuitive formats while keeping a simple layout.
  • Interest: make people want to see or test your product at your physical sales outlet thanks to a pay-per-click campaign. Generating quality traffic namely towards a mobile landing page or towards a store allows you to arouse interest and curiosity for the mobile user who is now more inclined to finalize their purchase.
  • Desire: make sure that the mobile user is interested in what you are offering. Here, you want to generate a lead through a cost-per-lead campaign. If you have an online sales website or if you want to see your visitor perform a specific action on your website, you will use the cost per lead. This solution must be combined with a traffic-generating campaign in order to follow the number of leads generated.
  • The effect: achieve sales or conversions through an application. In this specific case, the final action is the download: the recommended objective for the campaign is, therefore, the cost per download. For an optimized ROI, Kwanko exclusively offers a system in which the download is counted only starting from the time when the application has been opened for the first time.

Clicktime©: an Exclusive Tool for Paying Affiliates according to the Time Spent

Exclusively offered by Kwanko, Clicktime© is a new payment model which offers advertisers better quality traffic. After having clicked on an ad, the Internet user is redirected to the advertiser’s website and browses through it for a certain period of time. The advertiser will pay only for the Internet users who clicked and spent some time on their website.

Therefore, the Internet users who go to your landing page or your website are more selected and more engaged. Result: the bounce rate is divided by 7 and the leads or sales conversion rates are bigger. An ideal solution for increasingly effective mobile campaigns.

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