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FrenchWeb Ranking: Kwanko in the TOP 50 of the French Tech

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Frenchweb Ranking Kwanko
Frenchweb Ranking Kwanko
Frenchweb Ranking Kwanko
Frenchweb Ranking Kwanko
Frenchweb Ranking Kwanko


After the year 2016 marked by excellent results, Kwanko has made its entry on the FrenchWeb ranking of the French Tech 500 companies and has risen to the 44th position of this barometer.

The FrenchWeb ranking which is published at the end of March and presents the 500 best French Tech companies. Kwanko has reached the 44th position of this ranking which is mainly dominated by telecom operators, pure players and advertising stakeholders. A position which can be explained by competitive results and continued growth throughout the year.

Kwanko in the 44th position in the FrenchWeb 500 ranking

Thanks to an innovative positioning on the digital market in France, Kwanko stands as a single point of contact for all performance-based advertising needs. Between affiliation, lead generation and traffic creation, Kwanko also offers genuine expertise on influencer campaigns. The group displays a strong turnover growth with 53 M ? in 2016 and already estimates its 2017 results at 60 M ?.

Another target in 2017: Consolidate the cross-device offer by providing more reliable tracking, establish behavioural data to optimize targeting and conversion along with the development of innovative formats to maximize the impact on campaigns.

Another conclusion is drawn from FrenchWeb ranking: experience and know-how appear to be major assets for convincing advertisers. Indeed, these 500 companies boast 11 years of seniority on average. “Our 15 years of existence allow us to have expertise in all the business sectors,” said François Bieber, the Kwanko Group Director. “It has allowed us to gain both a broad client portfolio with 2000 active campaigns and a network of international publishers in addition to both our web and mobile expertise.”

Expertise which will allow Kwanko to conquer the international market. The group will thus back itself up in Latin America by opening offices in Colombia, open up to the North American market by establishing a site in Canada and turn to the Middle East through an ambitious opening project in Dubai.

The Barometer of the Best Stakeholders in the French Market

Kwanko is an exception in this ranking in which few online advertising stakeholders can be found among the top 50. Among the Top 5, there are three telephone operators, namely Free, Orange and Bouygues Telecom which are respectively in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions of the FrenchWeb ranking.

Only the company Dassault Systems, the famous software editor, has performed well and gone from the 6th to 1st position. This performance is due to stable growth and remarkable financial results.

Both ranked in the Top 10, the pure players, and Showroomprivé, have gained visibility and confirmed their place as key business stakeholders in France.

Companies with profitable models such as Leboncoin or Se Loger are among the other Top 10 companies. The presence of companies with strong potential for development at the top of the ranking like Blablacar or Voyage Privé is also noteworthy.

In 2016, these 500 companies generated a total turnover of 81.5 billion euros and are expected to hire almost 265,500 people in 2017.

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