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5 Successful Back-To-School Marketing Solutions To Activate

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With the end of the summer holidays looming, it’s still a good time for companies to review their marketing strategy. One of the solutions consists of exploring new tools and solutions to come up with a relevant action plan. In an increasingly competitive economic environment, it is essential to know how to reach the right people at the right time and by the right means. We offer you 5 easy-to-adopt solutions in order to activate a winning plan to ensure an effective back to school strategy.

Affiliate marketing: an ROI-led driver

With affiliate marketing, the advertiser works with a network of publishers in order to be able to promote products and services sold online. By monetising its audience, the affiliate plays the role of intermediary between its community and the brand asking for its help. This guarantees qualified premium traffic as the advertiser only pays for clicks and/or actual purchases. This is the principle of performance marketing, which ensures effective ROI-led investment.

Affiliates take the form of content creator (bloggers, YouTubers, influencers etc.) but can also be found on price comparison sites, money-saving and cashback websites and email databases. Thanks to affiliate marketing, you can increase your repeat purchase, conversion and new customer rate.

Boost your brand’s visibility with online advertising

Display advertising is an effective branding mechanism. There are different types of formats depending on size and location, from just a banner to website skin ads. To stand out in a crowded market, display is a good practice for providing reassurance and confidence. This strategy works both on desktops and mobiles, and manages cross-device tracking in order to track your clients’ experience across all channels.

Online advertising also works by means of native advertising, which uses  a third-party website’s code and editorial line. The content is relevant, customised, anti-AdBlock and non-intrusive.

Stay in touch with email marketing

Despite apps, social media and private messaging services, email is still the easiest and quickest way of staying in touch with prospects and clients. It allows you to send customised information depending on the products and services on offer at the time from your files, and also include opt-in email addresses deduplicated from third-party websites. What counts is complying with European GDPR regulations.

All actions can be traced from an email (opening, click, location etc.). It is also an effective system as the advertiser only pays for email openings.

Drive-to-store: generate footfall to sales outlets

Let people find out about your stores and sales outlets thanks to mobile advertising! Most consumers use their mobile phone to look up whether the desired product is available at the nearest store before going to the store. This means it is necessary to invest in local listings, mobile geolocation apps and technologies able to reconcile online and offline data.

The best drive-to-store marketing practices include using SMS to send promo codes to people located within your catchment area, or even targeted and location-based advertising on social media.

Influence marketing

This is a marketing method that puts advertisers in touch with influencers presenting an affinity with a brand or business sector. Each influencer shares information with its community in order to promote a brand, product or universe. Sometimes, everything is highly coded, sometimes brands give influencers carte blanche to add their own creativity to the codes used.

Depending on the information shared, it is possible to track and measure ROI for campaigns, social engagement, shares, new subscriptions etc. Although influence marketing has a lot in common with B2C, it is also being developed in B2B. The networks and messages are different but the principle is the same, with consultants, researchers, speakers, figures from the worlds of economics and politics etc.

An effective back to school strategy in terms of marketing therefore means activating a variety of drivers that all work in synergy with each other. Between branding, marketing and performance, geolocation and influence, this convergence of approaches allows you to combine the best of technology and the human relationship to create a unique client experience. Contact us to find out more or assign your project to us for the best back to school strategy.

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