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How to Boost Your App Store Visibility and Downloads ?


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Studies all agree that the most downloaded and used apps are still the classics (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, Instagram, etc.). This makes it hard to be visible on the marketplace, no matter how good an app or the services it offers are. Although you cannot count on people just coming across your app, good marketing, and communications strategy will help you gain good visibility and maximum downloads. Examples and illustrations.

Make an excellent landing page

This is the page that promotes your app. The best format is a straightforward one-page site with multiple CTAs and a simple explanation of what the app does, its features and its strengths. The aim is to build trust and stand out from the crowd. The more professional your landing page (with a suitable design and wording), the more it will contribute to good user experience. It is important to make the page mobile-friendly rather than designing it to be viewed from a desktop.

Create content

The simplest thing to do is to write a regular blog containing posts that can be shared on social media. The richer, more regular and more interesting your content, the more of an impact it will have on your SEO strategy and therefore increase your visibility. Content should not be promotional. It should cover issues related to your app to attract a wider audience. It is also a good way to build trust, especially if this is your first app.

Know how to pitch

An elevator pitch is where you introduce your app in under 30 seconds as if you were talking to an important person while between floors in a lift. The goal is to provide a summary that has both style and content to attract users, investors, partners, etc. Your pitch is your lifeblood. It is what identifies you as an app creator. You can re-use it everywhere: on your website, promotional videos, presentations, press releases, etc.

Nurture public relations

Once your app is up and running, you need to let people know about it. Tell influential people who might be interested in what it can do. These may be specialist journalists, bloggers or influencers. A well-put-together press release or pack can be used as a promotional tool. If yours is a paid app, it is always better to offer a comprehensive free test version. It is not the done thing to ask influencers to pay to test an app.

Make a fantastic product page

This is the page that will be shown on Google Play or the App Store when the app is downloaded. If your users have got this far, you must not disappoint them. It is important to have promotional videos, carefully chosen screenshots, a clear description and responses to reviews and comments to create engagement and build trust. This is where conversion plays out, so the page must be carefully monitored.

Be transparent

If yours is a paid app, say this and explain why. Nobody likes paying without knowing what is coming. You can offer two free months or a no-strings 30-day money-back guarantee.

If your app has in-app purchases, make this clear too. Transparency and honesty will always help facilitate community engagement.

Enter contests

There are many competitions that can turn an unknown app into a big success. Some emphasise design, while others focus on user experience or interface. If your interface is in English, you should definitely enter international contests.


SEA, SMA and affiliate marketing all work well, as they are types of performance marketing. Return on investment can easily be calculated with links direct to the download platforms. You can test out various formats, visuals, and approaches to optimise your marketing strategy.

Update your app regularly

Apps are like living things. They should develop in line with the latest trends, the ideas in your business roadmap and feedback from your community. Optimise your app and update it regularly to make sure everything is working well and fix any bugs that have slipped through the net.

Although there is no magic recipe guaranteed to make an app a success, these examples of good practice will help boost your visibility and downloads. Contact us for further information! Contact us for further information!

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