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Kwanko Talks: The covid-19 pandemic and the boom of e-commerce in Portugal

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For this new edition of the Kwanko talks, we are delighted to share with you an interview given by Richard Torres, our Sales Director Portugal, who tells us about the situation of e-commerce in the Portuguese market, which has been booming since the beginning of the pandemic:

After a year and a half of pandemic, the Portuguese market panorama has changed. And one thing is certain: it will no longer be the same as it was when Covid-19 was not part of our daily vocabulary. With that in mind, what are the dominant market trends in the post-pandemic period?

The year 2020 proved to be very challenging globally, but also in the Portuguese market. After a moment of panic in March 2020, the world, as well as the Portuguese market, stopped. Right then, we witnessed the beginning of a rapid change: the acceleration of online, starting a full-blown digital revolution that was already underway, but which has now really taken off.

Due to the closure of physical shops, consumer habits have changed to online shopping, which has triggered a boom of activity in many sectors.  Never has e-Commerce registered such a huge affluence in our country.

Brands needed to adapt very quickly to respond to the new habits, reviewing their marketing strategies. Today, digital marketing has taken on a more predominant role compared to two years ago, and investments in online have grown considerably.

Affiliate marketing is one of the trends for this post-pandemic. It is a performance-based marketing model and has proven to be a very useful tool in this transition, contributing to the acceleration of online growth. In this case, brands only pay according to the results they get, whether in sales, leads, clicks, or app downloads. In addition, there are other benefits, such as the activation of new acquisition channels, such as content sites, email marketing, or influencer marketing & social ads.

Although today we know Covid-19’s virus much better and are a little more adapted to its restrictions, the truth is that it will still be a while before we return to a context closer to the normal one we used to know. Although the physical shops and shopping centers are open again, the sanitary measures and restrictions are still in place and it is expected to be for some time.

Thus, it is more and more relevant to continue focusing on online and digital marketing, as consumers now tend to opt for alternatives. Everything indicates that e-commerce will continue to grow in Portugal and, in this semester, we will already have two important events coming up: Black Friday and Christmas. Brands must prepare a targeted strategy and plan ahead in order to maximise visibility and take advantage of those events, which promise to be record-breaking in terms of online sales.

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