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Summary of Digital First 2018 in Brussels

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Every industry has their own important events. In the Digital world, the Digital First Trade Show in Brussels is a major event. This event took place on 17th and 18th October in Brussels. It has been for over 10 years a source for sharing good practice and trends. It is a great way for meeting others in the sector. Internationally known exhibitors attend and companies have the opportunity to find out more about essential solutions for growing their business in the digital age. Kwanko was there, and this is what we thought!



A two-day event welcoming over 3,000 visitors, Digital First 2018 is the 13th trade show of its kind. This year, 80 companies exhibited at this important digital meet-up. It also hosted more than 150 conferences, keynote speeches, and workshops. As for innovation and entrepreneurship, a panel of 200 start-ups was selected and presented to digital sector professionals. This is a great way to get a handle on new trends and create links with those who may turn out to be the successful entrepreneurs of the future.

From a content point of view, strong trends are always identified to enthuse both professionals and visitors. Digital marketing, online publishing, RTB, cross-media, mobile marketing, e-commerce, social media, email marketing, content marketing and more, some may be presented year-on-year, but they are all in perpetual evolution. And of course, famous worldwide companies like Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Amazon were there. There were opportunities to network and discuss their digital strategies and future changes to the industry.

Kwanko’s, Country Manager for Belgium, Aline Gervasi, was on-site to meet professionals, entrepreneurs, and visitors to the show.


If digital marketing remains of definite value, other innovations will change the way that organisations work. Subjects which impact the digital transformation of companies and are of interest to managers and directors. Among these, there is a particular focus on the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, cloud computing, and IT security.

In the end, there isn’t just one major trend, but an acceleration of technical convergences aiming to simplify operations, processes, and decision-making. In order to cope with this, businesses must adapt. Invest in digital technologies today so they don’t end up falling behind and possibly endangering their future. An awareness which is becoming particularly widespread, when the popular subjects of influence marketing, programmatic marketing, automation, and multi-channel marketing.


Taking part in an exhibition like Digital First is extremely worthwhile. It’s a way to stay connected to what’s going on in the marketing and high-tech world, to meet digital marketing professionals and join in with networking sessions.

All visitors can learn what is improving in the industry. Therefore they can discover good practices and new trends, find inspiration and give their motivation a boost. An event which also provides the opportunity to find a partner to help grow your business and resolve the issues faced by so many advertisers and publishers on a daily basis.

The digital world is globalizing and growing fast. The time when social media sites alone were the absolute stars has passed. Digital transformation impacts every aspect of business operations, from sales to communication, passing via marketing and IT. This increases the competition to capture new clients in a hyper-connected environment, where the most agile organisations can get ahead of others.

Contact Aline Gervasi to ask questions or explain your project. Kwanko is the perfect partner for your needs!

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