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Why is Email Marketing STILL one of the Best Conversion Channels?

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Email Marketing is the best Conversion Channel
Email Marketing is the best Conversion Channel
Email Marketing is the best Conversion Channel
Email Marketing is the best Conversion Channel
Email Marketing is the best Conversion Channel


How a communication tool invented over 30 years ago is still so popular among marketing professionals and consumers? That said, email – since sending emails is exactly what we are referring to here – is regularly stated as nearing the end of its shelf life. Or at least this is what we are lead to believe since email has resisted all digital revolutions (social networks, chat, mobile notifications, applications, gamification, etc.). A study carried out by Adobe even shows that 61% of consumers prefer to receive marketing communications via email. Email may well be the main channel for digital communications, but what makes it the best conversion channel? Allow us to explain.

Email is easily automated

Email is crucial for receiving purchase and delivery confirmations, signing up to events, and setting automated reminders (incomplete baskets, upcoming marketing campaigns, etc.). We are all permanently connected to our emails whether in our personal or professional lives, and this link is crucial in creating emotional connections with brands sending out the right messages. Email marketing is the easiest way for non-specialists to test automation. Tools are available which require no technical skills and can be used very easily.  Email marketing is also very easy for professionals to integrate into existing tools (databases, CRM, CDP, etc.).

Email is a unique identifier

Email is a bit like a digital passport: something you always tend to keep, and more reliable than a postal address or telephone number. Even if you move house or change jobs, you always keep your personal email address. In B2B, if a business undergoes changes, users keep their professional email addresses. Email ensures data unicity and facilitates quality control of contacts (duplicate addresses, non-existent addresses, etc.).  This is essential for high-quality CRM tools and CDP platforms.

Email facilitates segmentation and scoring

An email marketing campaign provides extensive data on the behavior of prospects and is the best way to reach the right people thanks to unique targetting. You can accurately measure the impact of a campaign and automate the scoring of your prospects according to openings, clicks and forwards. Measuring performance is clear and easy to obtain thanks to email marketing. Each profile can be personalized according to persona criteria, and it works just as well with A/B testing campaigns designed to measure the performance of actions and optimize your decision-making.

Email is an ROI conversion channel

Email marketing costs next to nothing and can have a significant return. The cost of customer acquisition remains low. Recouping the cost of a database is easy within an omnichannel approach, wherein email plays a central role (landing pages, promo coupons, exclusive offers, etc.). Email is also an effective loyalty channel. It is important to remember that gaining customer loyalty is less expensive than looking for new customers. In this respect, well-built email marketing campaigns enable you to keep in touch with your community, previous customers and representatives. Beyond gaining the loyalty of your customers, email is also an acquisition channel for new customers. Testing email campaigns on external databases are essential and also considered to be a source of ROI. Would you like to know more? Get in touch with our experts!

Email is easy and accessible

You can, of course, create an email campaign using a graphic designer, data analyst, and UX designer. But, generally speaking, creating a campaign is easy as soon as you have access to a template with proven effectiveness. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to make it happen. You simply need to update your product catalogue, visuals, titles, and hooks in order to create a high-impact campaign in just a few minutes. Check our Studio to make an effective and high-performing Kit Email!

Email is cross-device

Email marketing works on all devices: smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. It adapts to all page layouts and even captures new interactive functions. With AMP open-source technology (supported by Google), soon it will be possible to fill in and send forms directly from your email software, as well as browse photo galleries, make hotel reservations and order plane tickets. There are so many new functions on the horizon that will enrich email. Email marketing is by far the best way to reach out to prospects in a reliable and cost-effective way, while the reduction in the reach of social platforms is causing advertisers to constantly reach back into their pockets. Alongside well-managed data and a clear strategy, email marketing remains by far the best conversion channel for boosting your online sales.

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