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Kwanko tracking app available on Shopify
Kwanko tracking app available on Shopify
Kwanko tracking app available on Shopify
Kwanko tracking app available on Shopify
Kwanko tracking app available on Shopify


Good news!
E-merchants using Shopify can now easily access Kwanko’s network of publishers in a very simple way. We explain everything in detail.

A simplified activation

This Kwanko application is simple to activate and makes it easy to set up tracking with Kwanko’s network of international publishers (websites, blogs, social networks, influencers, comparison shopping guides, voucher sites, etc.).

Tracking allows you to know when a sale has been generated on your online shop and is therefore imperative to launch your affiliate program on the Kwanko platform. The Kwanko tracking application allows an advertiser whose shop is on Shopify to set up its tracking in a few clicks.

A network of 150,000 publishers

Once the application is activated, you will be able to activate your affiliate program easily and manage it on the Kwanko platform. You’ll be able to access a global network of publishers to promote your Shopify shop, attract new customers, increase your brand’s visibility and generate more revenue.

Another great feature is that the container tag (also known as the Partner Tag) is directly activated and allows high-traffic publishers to relay your affiliate program.

3 simple steps to get started

1/ add the application
2/ fill in the tracking ID that you will find in the documentation provided by Kwanko
3/ activate the tracking (by simply clicking on a button).

Simple, isn’t it?
Download the Kwanko Tracking application now and boost your sales.

About Kwanko
Founded in 2003, Kwanko supports Europe’s leading e-commerce and services brands in their online customer acquisition strategy, such as Galeries Lafayette, Farfetch, Sarenza, Leroy Merlin, Cofidis, etc. With an international network of over 150,000 affiliate websites, Kwanko connects brands to their audiences around the world.
Kwanko merged in April 2022 with verticalAds group, to become one of Europe’s leading affiliate marketing companies and launched its new offer SKALE with Kwanko, dedicated to small and medium-sized e-commerce companies.

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