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Kwanko Talks: discover the interview of Uzerly

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Kwanko Talks | Interview of Uzerly
Kwanko Talks | Interview of Uzerly
Kwanko Talks | Interview of Uzerly
Kwanko Talks | Interview of Uzerly
Kwanko Talks | Interview of Uzerly


New edition of our Kwanko Talks: today’s interview is with Othmane Bana, Managing Director of Uzerly, the remarketing agency that assists its clients in their strategy of re-engaging their audience through tailor-made and efficient devices. Partner of Kwanko for many years, discover in this interview the solutions offered by Uzerly and its advantages for advertisers.

Could you present Uzerly and to which types of advertisers are your solutions aimed at?
Our technology offers a stock of solutions allowing advertisers to identify, score and retarget users who have abandoned their e-commerce sites. We retarget them in different formats: email retargeting, dynamic display, or on-site! Our suite allows us to re-engage up to 30% of Internet users who are about to leave or have left the website. All our solutions are aimed at all advertisers who wish to re-engage their audiences.

Would you have an anecdote to share with us about the creation of Uzerly?

At the beginning of Uzerly, our growth was so strong that we were a victim of our growth. So much so that our cash flow could no longer keep up. At the last moment, I had the immense good fortune to run into my first employer Igor Schlumberger, to whom I explained the situation. He was immediately attracted to the project and followed me, enabling us to keep the company growing for the last 10 years!

Can you tell us a few words about your partnership with Kwanko?

Our partnership with Kwanko has been going on since the first day of the company’s creation. We have strong links linked to the proximity between the managers of Uzerly and Kwanko but beyond this proximity, the quality of service, the proximity of the teams, and the professionalism of each party makes Kwanko an essential and privileged partner of Uzerly today.

Do you have a case study to share with us?

Our best success story with Kwanko is undoubtedly the partnership with the advertiser with whom we have set up a partnership that has lasted for almost 10 years. We help to retarget a maximum of their audience via an extremely advanced strategy of intelligent and predictive exploitation of their audience via two major formats: display retargeting 2.0 and e-mail remarketing.

How did you deal with the new CNIL regulations on cookies and tracking in France?

Like the whole sector, we initially felt this new regulation as a threat. With more hindsight, it has enabled us to establish our positioning on respect for users (which is our DNA and the reason why we have rebranded our brand as “Uzerly”. This regulation has also allowed us to become truly aware of the importance of the user experience both on and off-site (management of advertising pressure, coordination of marketing relaunch actions and performance measurement).

What are your objectives for the coming months? Do you have any new projects in the pipeline to share with us?

After having built a solid reputation on the French market by being considered as the leader in our positioning, the objective for this year is to continue our growth internationally. We have readapted all of our solutions to allow users around the world to find a solution that corresponds to every requirement of their market and also to allow them to be autonomous by using a SaaS solution.

A final word to our advertisers

One of the key features of our solutions is the ABTest. We strongly recommend to our advertisers to never maintain a campaign without any animation because what is true at one time may not be true a few weeks later. We make the same recommendation today: test us, challenge us and enjoy the results! Kwanko allows you to access our suite of solutions without any set-up costs or commitment.

You are an e-merchant and want to re-engage your online store visitors with Uzerly?
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