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Black Friday: get your conversion strategy ready

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Black Friday Conversion Strategy
Black Friday Conversion Strategy
Black Friday Conversion Strategy
Black Friday Conversion Strategy
Black Friday Conversion Strategy


An event like Black Friday cannot be improvised. Ensuring that it is a success requires a well-oiled organization, a clear strategy and as much anticipation as possible. This is a sizeable challenge given the many priorities that marketing professionals need to manage on a day-to-day basis. To get a clearer picture and optimize your approach, you need to start now. How? Allow us to explain.

Before Black Friday: be constant and steady

Black Friday is like a high-level event. You don’t organize a World Cup in three days, do you? Well, it’s the same thing. To create the right kind of buzz about Black Friday, you need to already have a steady flow of visitors to all of your websites.

Affiliation: to create constancy

The more people talk about your brand in a structured and clear way, the better. Affiliation is a sales and promotional tool that should be used at a very early stage. Your affiliates will then create provide leverage to generate more traffic on an ongoing basis. The abler you are to provide your community of affiliates with high-quality content such as text, images, and specific wording, the more effective this tool will be.

What counts is making affiliation part of your brand’s digital strategy. With a CPA campaign, your advertising budget won’t be spent in vain, and every euro invested will really count.

Lead nurturing and inbound marketing: to support your leads right up to the big day

Having regular contact and visitors to your website is a good thing. But you still need to be able to capitalize on this. To do this, a lead nurturing strategy coupled with an inbound marketing approach constitutes one of the keys to success. Clear content with a high level of added value and which is frequently updated fosters loyalty. An optimized conversion funnel that includes all the main stages of the customer experience and aligned with buyers personas allows for a holistic overview of sales potential relating to Black Friday. All that remains is to effectively nurture your leads so that they are ready when the time comes by stepping up a pressure in a controlled way.

Mobile application: to increase the number of entry points to your products

Your mobile application should also be downloaded as much as possible. The idea is to increase the number of entry points for new prospects, as well as old and new customers. If you also have physical stores, geolocation constitutes a major advantage. During Black Friday, you will be able to send notifications to people with your mobile app.

During Black Friday: activate all ROI tools

This is when everyone gets things going at the same time. You need to make an effective sprint to the finish line using ROI tools from the outset. The aim: conversion and buying. There are many effective promotional tools that can transform your prospects into customers at the right time. Here are a few examples.

E-mail marketing: to create automated and customized scenarios

Using your database of prospects and progress made in the conversion funnel, you can use marketing automation scenarios to give out the right message at the right time. Special promotions, discounts, best buy… each segment of your database should be used individually to customize the approach taken and create a unique customer experience.

Using external databases and opt-in, you can send information about your promotions to the maximum number of internet users looking for deals. This tool, therefore, needs a dedicated budget and should be assigned to your account manager, who will select the best databases for you corresponding to your core target market and based on a profitable model: CPC or CPM. Your offers should be widely visible in order to transform traffic into conversions.

Chatbots: to diversify your strategy

With an event like Black Friday, you need to create an emotional connection with your prospects. To do this, a chatbot via a messaging application constitutes a powerful tool. It can interact with users when they are connected and in line with their personal preferences. A chatbot also makes it possible to answer essential questions that customers may ask, while also taking some of the pressure off your support team. In affiliation, the chatbot is also a way of driving traffic to your website.

Advertising and social media: no one is left out

Despite all your efforts, not everyone will visit your website on Black Friday itself. That’s why you also need to be able to find prospects wherever they are using a SEA and SMA strategy. If you have a CRM onboarding-type data reconciliation tool, this will allow for a more effective approach. You can also use retargeting and remarketing to reconnect with undecided visitors. Lastly, be prepared to play the game of cashback and best buy websites, strengthen your links with your affiliates and keep a constant eye on price changes using online comparison sites.

After Black Friday: create a relationship of trust

After the Black Friday rush, you need to be able to do all of the necessary follow-ups. Selling online is one thing, but you also need to be able to live up to your promises in terms of delivery, availability and responsiveness. That’s why the commercial relationship does not end with ordering. Reinforce your customer service teams, be responsive about questions asked and follow up customers regularly about their level of satisfaction and with specific content (questionnaires, tutorials, best practices, FAQ and “how to” guides for products bought, etc.).

This approach consists of creating a premium experience in order to foster the loyalty of your customers with just one aim: to be able to transform them into ambassadors for the following year. That’s why the relationship you have with them needs to last, with exclusive and special offers and specifically tailored content between fulfillment and added value.

For retailers and e-commerce companies, Black Friday is an intense time that generates a huge amount of energy and creativity. Well prepared, your teams work in a collaborative and cross-functional way to offer your customers a unique experience while also staving off the competition. Our experienced production team is able to support you through this most intense sales period of the year. Put your trust in them and received a personalized proposal according to your needs and aims!


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