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How to maximise your ad revenue during the sales ?

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A key event in the commercial calendar, the summer sales serve as the launch point for the summer trading period. Though shops are often full of customers at this time of year, you still need to pay attention to the online selling side of things as well. In fact, it’s actually a great time to maximise your online ad revenue. But how do you go about making your ad space profitable? There are a number of guidelines to follow and good practices to apply when it comes to optimising your ad revenue during the summer sales period. Read on…

Get your ad space inventory up-to-date

Though the number of visitors is important, the page-specific impact of the ads is even more important. Some ad spaces may be less visited than others, less profitable or even lack relevance, thus damaging the user experience. And that’s without even taking into account the fact that the behaviour of mobile web users will be different from that of desktop users. This is why it’s important to regularly audit and update your ad spaces.

This is also an opportunity to test alternative options that could lead to new partnerships with advertisers. These could be the case with native videos, customised banners, website skins/wallpapers or even 360° interactive videos. Having multiple options available improves the quality of your inventory and enables you to offer a win-win approach in business terms.

Generating loyalty amongst your visitors

The more visitors there are to your site, the more effective the impact of the ads can be. Sometimes, however, your visitors will forget about you and fail to return. A good strategic move, therefore, is to create opportunities to diversify your content. This can be achieved by creating fresh, new, innovative content and developing newsletters targeted at specific profiles. You can also generate loyalty amongst your visitors via social networks, and by running competitions and special offers.

The importance of having a good user experience

Many publishers commit the error of trying to increase ad revenue by simply making their advertising configuration more aggressive. Result: they end up bombarding their visitors with additional ads. As a general rule, overloading your webpages with ads usually proves counterproductive. It causes webpage load latency and creates an unpleasant user experience that might turn readers away. The aim, therefore, is to find the right balance between the ad configuration on the one hand and useful and pleasant user experience on the other. You may need to make use of A/B testing to achieve this. A/B testing is a strategy that involves showing visitors two different versions of the same page at random so you can compare the results. Publishers can then select the ad placement positions that generate the most clicks. This enables you to boost revenue without the need to increase the number of ads, which can have a damaging effect on the user experience.

Detecting ad blockers

In France, nearly 30% of all web users use an ad blocker. The problem with this is that it deprives publishers of revenue and prevents advertisers from getting their message out. There are various strategies you can choose to adopt when faced with this complex problem:

  • Asking web visitors to deactivate the ad blocker via a simple pop-up: this is informative in approach and renders the content accessible once the awareness-raising message has been read.
  • Forcing the web visitor to deactivate the ad blocker: this is the extreme version involving automatic blocking of the content. If the content is interesting and web visitors attribute a high value to it, they may choose to deactivate their ad blocker. The less cooperative amongst them will go and look elsewhere. It’s a method that works if the product(s) and or service(s) you offer cannot easily be found elsewhere. Where this is not the case, your visitors will probably simply go to a competitor’s website instead.
  • Offering a paywall: web visitors who want to be able to browse either entirely or largely without ads can pay to use a premium service, which will help to pay for the work of the website editor. Other visitors can be offered a free service with ads or with a limit on the number of articles that can be read in a given period of time.

Increasing profits by forming partnerships

Affiliate platforms offer all the tools publishers need to maximise their ad revenue during the sales. These kinds of partnerships work well because they’re able to put publishers in contact with the right advertisers. This means you can always be confident you’re sending the right message, at the right time, to the right visitor.

The summer sales are an important time for publishers. Consumers are more than ever on the lookout for great deals, good advice and useful information. The sales are therefore an excellent way of bringing future customers and prospects into contact with advertisers who have stock they want to clear.

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