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Kwanko Talks: The interview of Modalova

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Kwanko Talks with Modalova
Kwanko Talks with Modalova
Kwanko Talks with Modalova
Kwanko Talks with Modalova
Kwanko Talks with Modalova


New edition of our Kwanko Talks: we interviewed Gabriel Kaam, CEO of Modalova. Discover in this article the solutions offered by Modalova and the advantages for advertisers.

Could you describe what your search engine offers? 

  • Modalova is a fashion search engine that simplifies the search and purchase of fashion products online. We aggregate more than 2 million men’s and women’s fashion products from over 10,000 brands, making it easy for our users to discover and compare what’s on the market.

What types of advertisers is your solution for? 

  • Our solution is aimed primarily at advertisers in the fashion sector, ranging from premium and luxury brands to more accessible brands, who have an e-commerce site and want to increase their visibility as well as their online sales.

How many brands are available on your site in 2024?

  • Currently, our site offers a selection of over 10,000 brands, reflecting our commitment to offering a wide range of choices to our users and supporting the growth of our partner advertisers.

Do you promote offers on your social networks for our advertisers? 

  • Yes, we offer promotional features, including on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. We highlight the products and offers of our advertisers, thus increasing their visibility among our engaged audience.

Do you have a success story to share with us?

  • In 2023, Modalova took a decisive step in our mission to support fashion brands in their online growth. Thanks to our platform, we generated more than €1 million in sales for our partner brands, marking a record year. This success is the result of a targeted strategy that maximized the visibility of our partners’ products and optimized conversions. One of our most successful collaborations was with an emerging brand, which saw its sales multiplied by a significant factor in a few months, thanks to our personalized approach and innovative marketing solutions. This success underscores our ability to create tangible growth opportunities for brands in the competitive world of online fashion.

Could you tell us a little bit about your partnership with Kwanko?

  • Our partnership with Kwanko is a key component of our affiliate marketing strategy. Kwanko helps us optimize our advertising campaigns and increase our operational efficiency, allowing us to deliver even better results to our advertisers.

What are your goals and new projects for 2024?

  • For 2024, our goals include expanding our brand catalog, enhancing our AI-based search technology for increased personalization, and launching new features to enhance user engagement. We are also exploring further sustainability initiatives to support more responsible fashion.

Finally, a last word for our advertisers? 

  • To all our advertisers, current and future: Modalova is committed to being your growth partner, offering you maximum visibility and connecting your products with a passionate fashion audience. Together, let’s explore the endless possibilities to increase your impact and sales in the digital world of fashion.

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