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Our Brazilian website is online!


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Website Kwanko brazil
Website Kwanko brazil
Website Kwanko brazil
Website Kwanko brazil
Website Kwanko brazil


We started the year 2022 with some brand new projects.
One of them is the Brazilian version of our website.
We are currently organising and editing everything to present our offers and services to the Brazilian market. We believe that this way we can get closer with our clients and publishers in Brazil.

We keep working to make the website as complete as possible, so visit us and see what’s new.
All the news about the digital market in Brazil, case studies, projects, will be presented in the Academy section of our website.
You can also consult our job opportunities in the Careers section.

New office in São Paulo

We also take the opportunity to announce that Kwanko Brazil has now a new office in São Paulo :
Rua Mourato Coelho, nº 90, Conj. 22 – Pinheiros. São Paulo – SP
Currently, the office in Brazil is responsible for national campaigns, with a team of Sales, Production, Affiliates, and Administrative highly trained and ready to help and serve you the best way.

How we follow our clients in the Brazilian market

Kwanko is more than 10 years acting in the Brazilian market, being leader in lead generation campaigns and growing more and more in the e-commerce and app download segment.

We have partnerships with major brands, some exclusive, focusing on performance and we believe that maintaining a close relationship with our customers and partners is the best way to work and create long-term partnerships.

When hiring our team, our Sales team will help define the goals with the client, such as traffic generation, leads, sales and/or app downloads, etc. After that, they will propose a strategic plan, with the most appropriate acquisition channels to achieve the objectives, besides establishing a model of profitable commission for both sides.

With everything right and previously agreed, the campaign will be launched and from then on, the Production team starts to manage the campaign and have a close relationship with the clients.

Our goal is performance and results

The Account Manager (AM) will be responsible for delivering results, monitoring the budget and basically everything related to performance. Therefore, for the campaign to run smoothly, it is essential that the contact between the client and our Account Managers is clear and agile. And to facilitate this process, Kwanko assigns only one AM for each campaign, which has the full support of the Head of Production.

Trying to offer the best service, Kwanko also provides a Studio design (based in Portugal) for the development of ads creatives, such as landing pages, email marketing, banners, etc. Once the campaign is already active, we can offer attractive discounts, reaching zero cost, for its production.

Finally, Kwanko affiliate base reaches 80,000 registered affiliates, among them we have partners: content sites, email marketing (which is our differential, we deliver great quality and excellent ROI), influencer marketing & social networks, price comparators, discount coupons site and cashback, among others.

Besides offering as many accesses as necessary to our platform, so that the client himself has access to all campaign information, always striving for transparency and respecting the General Law of Data Protection – LGPD. On the platform, the client can approve and reject affiliates, monitor generated conversions, optimize KPIs and ROI with our exclusive tools, among other possibilities.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us

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