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The QSP Summit 2019 was (again), one of the most successful Marketing Events to attend to. More than 2 300 high business profiles attended to a first time 2 days event.

QSP Summit is on its 13th season and is growing every single year. This year is all about the convergence between technology and marketing/management. We live in challenging times with revolutionary mixes between technology, work methods and marketing to our audiences. All the speakers focused on this main keyword: Convergence.

And what a convergence it is: Online-Offline; Voice-Data; Humans-Robots; Technology-Workplace; Creativity-Management; People-Culture; Product-Branding; Marketing-Technology

All of this was discussed during these 2 days from an array of speakers like Daniel Pink to Spencer Harrison, or Stanley Hainsworth to Barbara Kahn. There were a lot of interesting keynotes, but the WorkLabs are very well known for deep insights on a specific subject.

How to Keep your Workforce Motivated?

One of the most difficult things any company will have is to keep the employees on focus and giving their best effort every day. So, it’s important to have these kinds of insights:

“If-Then rewards are effective for simple and short-term tasks, however, not so much for complex or long-term ones”.Daniel Pink at #qspsummit

 Higher pay doesn't mean higher motivation in cognitive skills - Daniel Pink

“As long as the task involved only mechanical skill, bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance.” – Daniel Pink at #qspsummit

In simple terms and to decode the most we can of an extensive yet super enlightened speech in just a few words: Giving bonuses for productivity and motivation can only get you so far.

What you need to do is use the “Why” concept more. Tell your people WHY they’re doing what they do. Tell them the bigger picture. What their contribution will do for the brand. For the customer… For the team.

Autonomy as an Empowerment Tool

Autonomy is paramount for people to feel engaged with their tasks and the company. Hummm, weird concept. 😉

“Create small islands of non-commissioned work to have more innovation on your company” – Daniel Pink

As you can check on our Careers Page, it’s within our culture to encourage our people to have their own initiatives. An Agile mentality is key to evolve. Our very own motto says it all: Get up and Disrupt!

QSP Summit stage

Even Spencer Harrison said that “it’s important to have the hopers and doubters on your team to fuel new information and then innovation”. Our multicultural environment with people from tens of nationalities and cultures is one of our biggest assets. Each one has its own personality and background which brings a different approach to each project which is key for a great result.

 “It’s a challenge for every organization to cope with what each person is more likely to better perform according to the time of the day and their biorhythm” – Daniel Pink.

We understood that we needed a different approach over the years. That’s why we’ve created Wook (Wook Office & Organisation at Kwanko): a 2017 project upheld by the Group’s employees for more transversely and flexible work environment.

The Future of Retail… and Kwanko

If you’re not in a cave somewhere or becoming a hermit, you may know that retail is on a revolution. Maybe on the biggest one since we started to have brick & mortar stores.

It’s no longer enough to have a store in every corner to beat the competition.

If you don’t exist on the customer’s “handheld” device you don’t matter. He might even right pass in front of your store in the street and will not enter your doors. That’s an amazing concept.

On the other hand, we see original digital brands like Amazon coming to the physical space.

It was important to see what specialists like Howard Saunders (@retailfuturist), Gerald Storch (former Toys R’ Us and HBC CEO) and Barbara Kahn, to name a few, could tell us about this disruption. To where retail is going to succeed TODAY and in the future?

It’s kind of hard to summarize everything we’ve learned that day in just a few words, as you can imagine. The secret for success is not something that you can make a prescription and expect to work for everyone in the same way.

However, we can Highlight some of those Lessons for you

As this year’s conference already brought to your attention, Convergence is the key. You need to provide a singular unified experience to your customer whatever the channel they’re using to reach you.

Customer: “Buy something they value from someone they trust” by Barbara Kahn at #QSPSUMMIT2019

Barbara Kahn Retail Success Matrix

Barbara Kahn Retail Success Matrix

Quite basically, we can talk about differentiators like Low Price, Brand, Experiential, Frictionless like in this chart. It’s all valid, important points on how people see our brand against the competition.

But what makes us at Kwanko so very happy is to know how much of our performance marketing solutions can help your sales thrive.

E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing solutions where you only pay a small percentage of your real sales generated by our huge Publisher network. No risks involved.

Lead Generation solution to open new customer acquisition flow within your targets.

Drive-to-Store campaigns to bring the digital experience to a real brick & mortar store and close the circle.

Huge Mobile Network to spread your brand communication as targeted and geo-localized as it can be.

Cross-device tracking for a seamless and frictionless experience.

Quite basically, Kwanko is your best performance marketing partner to succeed in 2019 and beyond.

Do you want to win over your competition?

Be everywhere on a consistent brand wise way. We are very pleased to say that we can help you with that.

Reach out to our team to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Maybe it’s better for you to start reading the first part of the Kwanko new website here. 😉

Define Target Audience and Content Proposal for the New Website

First, we needed to know to whom we were building it. Yes, you’re included.


When advertisers need support for qualified lead generation, we must make it clear that we’re the best partner for them. Not only because of our large publisher network, but our expertise in qualifying leads to your specific business.

If it’s an e-commerce player who needs a new flow of sales for an e-commerce shop, he should see what we’ve done for other e-commerce brands. How we become their most important flow of new customer acquisition and sales generator. That’s access to our business cases and channels available.

For qualified traffic and app downloads, we have every single solution needed to bring you daily results.

So, it was key to show that immediately when they access our website.


For Publishers looking for the best partner to create a new flow of revenue from their audience, it’s important for them to know our huge variety of active campaigns.

The technology behind our platform is vital to every Publisher on the level of tracking we can provide. We have cross-device tracking and a very fair SMARTattribution tool to make sure that the Publisher gets his reward for every effort made to the result of a campaign.


Agencies are a very particular audience. And we aimed to make sure that agencies understand the value we provide to their end game. Agencies want to provide the very best results to their customers. And that’s where we come in. To help them achieve that with all our solutions, specialized teams and huge network.

We’re still their best Performance Marketing Partner.

Marketing Enthusiasts and Potential Employees

As you may already know, acquiring new talent is very hard. It’s not only about salary or to be the biggest bidder.

People need to feel empowered and in an environment where they can improve every day. Knowing what we do and how we do it is imperative to captivate them and find equal minded individuals.

Feeling the Kwanko Culture and how our professionals around the world work for a common goal is very powerful.

It’s our compromise to educate the market as much as we can. An informed individual can make better decisions. We’re creating a Kwanko Academy filled with knowledge, acquired know-how from hundreds of thousands of campaigns we run every year. For the moment, we have all the article repository on, but major good surprises are underway.

Sitemap and Structure

All the structure was made according to the several personas, content needs, navigation, screen resolutions and business goals.

One major differentiative feature is our glocal way to serve our different targets around the world with a local version for each market. Which means that even though the design and some content are similar, all the positioning, solutions and information is adapted to each market where we are doing business with local teams. It is of no use for you to see information about a solution we have in some markets and we still don’t have on yours, is it?

We have a lot still going on and will publish it on a regular basis. Because a website is like a living thing of our brand. It needs to be constantly adapting to our needs at every given time.

This means that the new website is not finished and quite frankly it will never be.

Design and Development

One of the rules was for the site to be an extended visual avatar of what Kwanko stands for. Also, coherence and design guidelines should be applied throughout the new website.

This means that when you see our site and when you see any other Kwanko communication you’ll be immersive on the same design look and feel. All will be seamless. Our previous website no longer was representative of our brand design. That needed to be solved quickly.

All the web-design for this new website was made by our Performance Design Studio from scratch. This was critical to keep the same graphic line of our presentations and brand guidelines but also to control the outcome and future developments.

Optimization and clean code are an important feature when developing the website. The dev team is very concerned in providing the cleanest code as they could while working on an open-source platform.

Compressing all that we could in order to make it faster to load, with less code to “read”. Efficient is the keyword.

Kwanko Academy New Home

Kwanko has been providing a lot of training, articles, presentations, videos and so much more over time. It was about time to have a complete knowledge hub which we decided to call it Kwanko Academy.

The idea for this place is to make it easier for you to have access to most of our knowledge centre in a very organized way.

For instance, you have a place for Case Studies on specific industry sectors. Also, whitepapers and presentations easy to find.

Do you think it’s important to have a corporate website? Give us your feedback here.

Is it necessary in 2019 to still have a website? I’m asking but obviously, I already know the answer. That’s why we’ve built a completely new website for Kwanko. Yes, yes, yes… and another big YES.

You can have a Facebook Page, an Instagram Profile, a Twitter handle, a Medium channel and so on. We can have all of these things to be on the web. To be “found” in the digital world. They’re important. But they should work as “signals”, not as the main central hub of your digital presence.

Your central brand hub must be a place that you CONTROL. You can’t just control what’s on another platform you don’t own. If Facebook changes the rules again tomorrow, you can be blocked out of your audience. If Medium starts charging for accessing your content – which they recently did – you can’t do a thing about it.

Data is Gold

Most importantly you don’t have access to a crucial thing on this time and age. Your audience data. Not to invade their privacy, but especially to protect their wishes and interests. If you don’t have access to that data you can’t provide an excellent experience. You just can’t.

And providing a great experience to our advertisers, publishers and agencies its what we are aiming for every single day. Well, actually is about providing Performance to their campaigns, but a good experience takes part in that performance. If you don’t have a good experience you go away and never come back. You don’t “convert”.

It’s this data that will provide the fuel and ability to customize your experience on our website and our communication afterwards. Why bother you with irrelevant information and ads if we already know that you’re interested in lead generation. Or in affiliate marketing to increase your e-commerce sales? It would be a waste of resources and money. It’s smarter to give you what you want in the first place. And that’s how the new Kwanko site was tailored for.

Why launch Kwanko’s new Website now?

Kwanko culture drives from an Agile approach as well. So, we need to make things live even if not entirely perfect. That comes after. This way, we can monitor what is working and what is not to improve on a regular basis.

Also, the timing was perfect since it’s also when we’re launching a new platform design and interface. So, it couldn’t be more appropriate to align our brand design and guidelines through all our web presence.

Have you seen our new platform interface and design? It’s gathering excellent feedback and praises from every single publisher (advertiser’s interface will be open soon enough).

We can only hope that the new Kwanko website can also have this effect with you.

How was the new Kwanko’s Website Built and Designed?

So, we focused on how you would access our website and browse within.

Mobile is paramount. Obviously, we should have a responsive website. But that’s not the end of it. We crafted the mobile version of each section and page to be a bit different from each device. We thought about what would be the experience and browsing you would do on each screen.

Obviously, on a mobile screen, it would be a massacre for your well-trained finger to scroll endlessly and see all the content we have on a desktop page. So, we tried to just show the vital content on a way that you would love to see on a smaller screen. The same with the menus, navigational helpers and so on.

But mobile is not everything. And on our business, our audience which is mainly B2B still uses computers to access our content. Amazing, right? Again, data doesn’t lie.

So, depending on which screen resolution, you’re going to see our best work and solutions displayed differently.

But we’ll be completely transparent on our design strategy. On the next article, you’ll find the schematics and design thinking behind it.

Kwanko is proud to announce the official launch of the brand new Kwanko Platform that is now available for all our publishers. Faster, more user-friendly and more intuitive, this new platform is designed to provide you with better user experience and the possibility to manage web and mobile business with a single, unique platform.

It will be then offered to our Advertisers in March.

The New Kwanko Interface for Publishers

A brand new interface for a greater user experience

At this point, you can access the following features via the “More Feature” page (automatic switch to Netaffiliation platform) :

But don’t worry, it will be released soon to your new Kwanko interface.

A Guided Tour solution is also available to make sure you familiarise yourself with the new interface to give you the kickstart you need.

Want to know more about your new Kwanko Platform? WATCH THE VIDEO and enjoy!

Watch the Video

Or GET ACCESS NOW to the new platform (use your current login username & password).




All your feedback is welcome to allow our team to constantly improve our services. So please contact our team or send us an email at feedback[@] for any feedback, suggestion, ideas or simply to ask a question.

Every business sector has its own key and unmissable trade fairs and exhibitions. Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 is one of these. An essential event to attend for professionals in performance advertising and digital marketing in the broad sense, with its blend of networking, keynote speeches, training sessions and best practice knowledge sharing. It’s for this reason that our entire team attended in London this past February 6 and 7. Amongst the various trends we’ll be seeing developing over the course of 2018 are influencer marketing and strategic affiliation.

The Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show

The Affiliate Summit was initially founded in 2003 by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. Since then, it has grown considerably over the years. To date it has expanded into various international events that take place on a regular basis in both North America and Europe. The Affiliate Summite London had a turnout of more than 1,600 visitors and 800 affiliates, all of which who came to share their knowledge, develop their expertise and find out more about digital trends to come.

Kwanko was represented by our UK team led by Alvaro Sanchez, Managing Director and specialist in advertiser-side performance marketing, and by Zaza Zakaraia, Affiliate Account Manager and expert in publisher-side marketing. The event provided an opportunity to promote and highlight the solutions we offer in terms of increasing sales, generating more traffic, workable lead generation, optimising conversions, and developing an influencer marketing based approach for our clients.

Influencer marketing: a craze that delivers what it promises

Influencer marketing serves as a major form of leverage in the world of digital marketing. A real game changer, it is now in the process of becoming firmly established alongside more traditional methods of online advertising. A growing number of brands have begun using it in earnest and others are currently experimenting with it in small doses, though almost all are interested in it.

Influencers can choose to incorporate an acquisition strategy into their approach. But working with them requires experience, practical knowledge and the support of a properly trained team.

Performance marketing: what’s the best way to work with influencers?

The first thing to do is make sure you understand how influencers are organised. Content, editorial, tone, the volume and audience you are looking to target, expert knowledge of the subject matter… before knowing how to work with influencers, you first need to know and understand what motivates them. This is work that takes place over a long term basis that is built on trust. For majority of micro-influencers, performance marketing is one of the most effective tools available.

The second stage consists of properly and effectively communicating with the influencers. According to the Vuelio UK Bloggers Survey 2017, more than a third of influencers are contacted up to seven times per week on average. However, very few of these contacts result in value-added content on the influencers’ blogs, channels or social media accounts. Hence the importance of making targeted choices and carefully choosing wording to avoid drowning influencers in technical jargon they won’t necessarily be able to master. To communicate effectively with influencers, you need to build a natural human-like relationship and take the time to really get to know their brand and their audience. This is win-win strategy and push pull. You help them, they help you.

And lastly, taking an economical approach is an extremely important factor: the traditional model based on CPA and funded via conversion at the final click does not work with influencers. The scope needs to be increased to enable more effective tracking, established on the basis of community engagement. To achieve this, each advertiser must know and understand what the KPIs and most impactful metrics for their brand are and build their relationship with their influencers around these more open and less restrictive factors.

Both a catalyst for creative energy and a high-value place to meet and share good practices, the Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show enabled us to confirm the relevance of our acquisition solutions to performance and to broaden our teams’ expertise on highly specific and targeted issues. It also provided a way for us to make ourselves directly known to advertisers and publishers in order to share our experience and know-how.

Kwanko‘s 200 staff members met in Bourg-la-Reine on September 28 to inaugurate the group’s new headquarters. Not only were the offices renovated, but work methods were also revised in order to meet employees’ new expectations.

The professional world is evolving, and so is the office organization! Based on the many studies showing an inextricable connection between office layout and workplace wellbeing, the Kwanko Group has transformed its offices (flex office, a home-like feel, etc.) in order to better meet its employees’ needs. Kwanko is rolling out this new organizational structure in its headquarters and will extend it to its international branches.

Increase in relaxation and workspaces

The “flex office” concept has been key to the redesign of the premises. Partitions have been removed from the offices in order to promote conversation among employees. Above all, though, the number and variety of collaborative spaces (cafeteria with a foosball table, various meeting rooms, phone booths in the middle of the open-concept space, “silence” room for quiet isolation, etc.) have increased so that each employee can work and relax according to his/her own needs and wants.

The plain old office with a green plant and a photo of one’s dog is no more! Moving forward, it’s possible to change work spaces every day. Organize a videoconference, lead a team meeting, entertain clients, or make a phone call without disturbing co-workers… All of these situations were considered in order to facilitate employees’ daily tasks.

A Happiness Manager to ensure everyone’s well-being

Another novelty to promote a “home-like feeling” and employees’ well-being: the recruitment of a “happiness manager,” whose role involves internal communications, human resources, and special events. “This new staff member organizes events aimed at ensuring cohesion among employees, and for being particularly attentive to individual situations,” explains François Bieber, CEO of Kwanko.

Boosting associates’ engagement and autonomy

Kwanko’s goal is twofold: immediately provide office spaces compatible with new work methods, but also boost employees’ engagement and autonomy. “With the arrival of new staff members from the Millenials generation, it has become essential to provide spaces that promote collaboration, creativity, and a friendly atmosphere,” explains François Bieber. “Employees must feel at home here, as this improves their motivation and therefore their competitiveness.”

New tools for work and communication

As one might imagine, office redesign and a change in work habits have also resulted in the introduction of new tools that combine “fun and efficiency.” “For example, we no longer have landline phones,” notes François Bieber. “We communicate primarily on Hangout, we use a softphone and we work in real time, collaboratively, with tools such as Slack.” It’s a real revolution, particularly appreciated by employees.

Kwanko Executives Working

Kwanko sought to accentuate the “home-like feeling,” particularly through the layout of fun, informal meeting and relaxation spaces.

Office Green Look

As its name indicates, the “silence” room, adorned with a jungle-print wall decoration, allows employees who so desire to work in a calm environment and concentrate on a specific task.

Office Green Look

The new workspaces are bright and open-concept, promoting collaboration among employees. No offices are assigned. In the morning, you settle in wherever you like, perhaps next to specific associates if you are working together on a particular project.

Party Office

Improving well-being in the workplace necessarily involves finding a good work-life balance. When it’s time to break up the routine, there’s nothing like a well-equipped cafeteria, a foosball table to relax, or parties where you can talk about anything — except work!

Working at Kwanko

For an informal check-in with a colleague or to organize a meeting on the fly, this kind of comfortable, trendy alcove is appreciated.

Telephone Booth

Located right in the middle of the office spaces, Phone Booth 2.0 allows you privacy to make a phone call.

François Bieber and Faride Amghar

For Faride Amghar, director of Kwanko France, and François Bieber, CEO of the Kwanko Group, “The design of our premises must adapt to the needs of our teams, not the other way around. “We are trying to foster closer proximity between the teams and the management levels.”

After an eventful start to the fall, meet up with Kwanko at two exhibitions in the month of October: ECSE in Mexico and DF in Brussels. Two events scheduled during e-commerce-friendly economic conditions.

DF, Belgium’s first digital exhibition

After more than ten years in business, the Digital Marketing First (DMF) exhibition has become Belgium’s leading digital event. In a rapidly growing market, as proved by the 10% growth in online purchases during the first semester of 2017, the DMF fair expect no fewer than 4,000 visitors. It will take place on October 19 in over 5,000 square meters.

This 12th presentation gives an overview of the latest trends, solutions and services in e-marketing and digital media fields. Among the many topics addressed, we’ll discuss artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

Also scheduled: a start-up “village” and hundreds of keynote speeches and conferences. Meet-up attendees include Adrien Boyer of Pinterest, Kelly Tennison of Shazam, Rutger Zonneveld of Google, and Olivier De Raeymaeker of the Belgian newspaper «Le Soir».

Meanwhile, the Kwanko team will be delighted to welcome you on stand 14 to present its latest performance marketing offers and establish a partnership with you.

ECSE: the New Mexican e-commerce destination

In Mexico, although online shopping accounts for 37% of online navigation time, transactions have grown by 400% over the past six years. Taking advantage of these extraordinary circumstances, ECSE is the perfect setting for e-commerce professionals to meet up. With around sixty exhibitors, including Kwanko, this event will bring together over 2,000 online commerce experts in Mexico, on October 4 and 5.

Around fifty high-level conferences will enrich the salon’s programming. Susana Voces, country manager for «eBay», Marta Dalton, e-commerce director for «Coca-Cola», Alex Genov, account manager «», and many others will share expertise from leading digital companies.

Find out more:

DMF Brussels

Dates: October 19, 2017
Location: Avenue du port, 88, Brussels
Kwanko Stand: Stand 14

ECSE Mexico

Dates: October 4 and 5, 2017
Location: Lomas de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, 11200 Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico
Kwanko Stand: Stand 323

Interns love working at Kwanko. As a proof, the company has just been accredited by the choosemycompany/Trainees2018 award!

How do interns judge their company? In 2017, over 2,000 French organizations, including Kwanko, were evaluated spontaneously via internal surveys on the site

Six major criteria are taken into account: professional growth, work environment, management, motivation, pride and pleasure.

Along with 200 companies, Kwanko was awarded the choosemycompany/Trainees2018 accreditation with the following results:

– Overall grade: 4,13/5

– The rate of recommendation: 75%

Interns who have rated Kwanko particularly appreciate the professional progress they received during their internship and the quality of management.

An alliance of fun and a performance-based culture

“We are delighted to have a good image amongst the interns who carry out their mission with us,” says Cécile Boré, Head of HR at Kwanko. “We give them special attention: we offer them the opportunity to learn all the levers of digital marketing and to learn agile working methods that combine fun and a performance-based culture.”

After Colombia and Canada, Kwanko is coming to Great Britain becoming our new Kwanko London office. Interview with Alvaro Sanchez, the UK Country Manager, who is setting out to conquer the British performance marketing market.


On July 4, Alvaro Sanchez inaugurated the new Kwanko subsidiary in London. Born in Colombia, the new UK Country Manager, who is just barely 40, intends to take advantage of a performance marketing market which is booming despite being competitive: +16% in 2016, 88% of the CPA volume and 12% in CPL.

“Given this growth and thanks to our expertise, we consider that there are real opportunities to accompany advertisers on their CPL and CPA strategy,” explained Alvaro Sanchez. In the beginning, this will involve “assembling a full team to accompany and retain clients who are already present on the English market. This team will then be able to develop our offers directly among agencies and clients.”


With a master’s degree in marketing and advertising, Alvaro Sanchez began his career in Paris at Pixmania as Traffic manager before joining iProspect as  Performance marketing manager. He then moved to London where he worked at Research Now as Online Marketing Director for six years.

Backed by this international experience in the field of digital marketing, Alvaro Sanchez has set a clear course for the upcoming year: “We want to increase sales with publishers, attribution marketing and cross-device tracking, collect premium leads and also generate quality traffic with advanced targeting criteria, drive-to-store and influencer marketing features.”


Alvaro Sanchez’ stated objectives are in any case compatible with the enormous potential of the British market. Like their French counterparts, the English are very fond of online services. In light of this, they spend over 3 hours a day on the Internet! The use of smartphones has become widespread to the point of surpassing desktop computers since October 2016. Last year, the turnover of e-commerce websites reached 130 billion British pounds.

Other promising figures: Advertisers programmed about 4900 advertising campaigns in the United Kingdom in 2016 and spent nearly 1.6 billion pounds to generate sales through affiliate programs (88% of sales) and lead generation (12%).

Recently promoted as the Kwanko Belgium Country Manager, Benjamin Marinho, who has spent his entire career in the group, speaks about his career and missions for the upcoming year.

Can you talk about your career in a few words?

B. M.: I began my career in a competing agency, which was specialized in BtoB on the French market. In 2013, I joined Kwanko as an Account Manager to manage Kwanko Belgium’s key accounts and a few months ago, I took over the subsidiary as Country Manager.

You worked part of your professional career at Kwanko. What did you get from this adventure?

B. M.: First of all, it has been a very beautiful professional experience, it has really allowed me to improve my technical and interpersonal abilities and skills. But it has also been an opportunity for some very beautiful human encounters and nice moments thanks to the colleagues I’ve been working with since 2013.

What has marked you the most during these last four years at Kwanko?

B. M.: I think I can say without a doubt: the opening of the Belgian subsidiary in January 2015. This decision affected me both personally and professionally. Being part of this challenge has allowed me to grow and strengthen our team.

On a less serious topic, one of many Kwanko’s after-work organised on the occasion of the Germany-Brazil soccer match (with a remarkable score of 7-1) was an outstanding experience which showed everyone the company’s philosophy, its multiculturalism and the human dimension that we can find there.

What are Kwanko Belgium’s targets for 2017?

B. M.: Kwanko Belgium’s target is to become the no.1 performance advertising actor on the market. Through our different innovations such as marketing attribution, lead-gen, our cross-device offer and the support of our team of performance advertising experts, we have the keys to become the most innovative 360° actor of the market.

What do you think about the Belgian market in terms of performance marketing? What are the opportunities to be seized?

B. M.: The Belgian market has not reached the maturity level of its French, German or Dutch neighbours yet So there are a lot of actions to implement in order to develop performance marketing and better meet the needs of our clients and prospects. For me, the cross-device, mobile, influencer offers and a resolutely qualitative and ethical advertising approach are real opportunities to be seized and highlighted.