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The QSP Summit 2019 was (again), one of the most successful Marketing Events to attend to. More than 2 300 high business profiles attended to a first time 2 days event.

QSP Summit is on its 13th season and is growing every single year. This year is all about the convergence between technology and marketing/management. We live in challenging times with revolutionary mixes between technology, work methods and marketing to our audiences. All the speakers focused on this main keyword: Convergence.

And what a convergence it is: Online-Offline; Voice-Data; Humans-Robots; Technology-Workplace; Creativity-Management; People-Culture; Product-Branding; Marketing-Technology

All of this was discussed during these 2 days from an array of speakers like Daniel Pink to Spencer Harrison, or Stanley Hainsworth to Barbara Kahn. There were a lot of interesting keynotes, but the WorkLabs are very well known for deep insights on a specific subject.

How to Keep your Workforce Motivated?

One of the most difficult things any company will have is to keep the employees on focus and giving their best effort every day. So, it’s important to have these kinds of insights:

“If-Then rewards are effective for simple and short-term tasks, however, not so much for complex or long-term ones”.Daniel Pink at #qspsummit

 Higher pay doesn't mean higher motivation in cognitive skills - Daniel Pink

“As long as the task involved only mechanical skill, bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance.” – Daniel Pink at #qspsummit

In simple terms and to decode the most we can of an extensive yet super enlightened speech in just a few words: Giving bonuses for productivity and motivation can only get you so far.

What you need to do is use the “Why” concept more. Tell your people WHY they’re doing what they do. Tell them the bigger picture. What their contribution will do for the brand. For the customer… For the team.

Autonomy as an Empowerment Tool

Autonomy is paramount for people to feel engaged with their tasks and the company. Hummm, weird concept. 😉

“Create small islands of non-commissioned work to have more innovation on your company” – Daniel Pink

As you can check on our Careers Page, it’s within our culture to encourage our people to have their own initiatives. An Agile mentality is key to evolve. Our very own motto says it all: Get up and Disrupt!

QSP Summit stage

Even Spencer Harrison said that “it’s important to have the hopers and doubters on your team to fuel new information and then innovation”. Our multicultural environment with people from tens of nationalities and cultures is one of our biggest assets. Each one has its own personality and background which brings a different approach to each project which is key for a great result.

 “It’s a challenge for every organization to cope with what each person is more likely to better perform according to the time of the day and their biorhythm” – Daniel Pink.

We understood that we needed a different approach over the years. That’s why we’ve created Wook (Wook Office & Organisation at Kwanko): a 2017 project upheld by the Group’s employees for more transversely and flexible work environment.

The Future of Retail… and Kwanko

If you’re not in a cave somewhere or becoming a hermit, you may know that retail is on a revolution. Maybe on the biggest one since we started to have brick & mortar stores.

It’s no longer enough to have a store in every corner to beat the competition.

If you don’t exist on the customer’s “handheld” device you don’t matter. He might even right pass in front of your store in the street and will not enter your doors. That’s an amazing concept.

On the other hand, we see original digital brands like Amazon coming to the physical space.

It was important to see what specialists like Howard Saunders (@retailfuturist), Gerald Storch (former Toys R’ Us and HBC CEO) and Barbara Kahn, to name a few, could tell us about this disruption. To where retail is going to succeed TODAY and in the future?

It’s kind of hard to summarize everything we’ve learned that day in just a few words, as you can imagine. The secret for success is not something that you can make a prescription and expect to work for everyone in the same way.

However, we can Highlight some of those Lessons for you

As this year’s conference already brought to your attention, Convergence is the key. You need to provide a singular unified experience to your customer whatever the channel they’re using to reach you.

Customer: “Buy something they value from someone they trust” by Barbara Kahn at #QSPSUMMIT2019

Barbara Kahn Retail Success Matrix

Barbara Kahn Retail Success Matrix

Quite basically, we can talk about differentiators like Low Price, Brand, Experiential, Frictionless like in this chart. It’s all valid, important points on how people see our brand against the competition.

But what makes us at Kwanko so very happy is to know how much of our performance marketing solutions can help your sales thrive.

E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing solutions where you only pay a small percentage of your real sales generated by our huge Publisher network. No risks involved.

Lead Generation solution to open new customer acquisition flow within your targets.

Drive-to-Store campaigns to bring the digital experience to a real brick & mortar store and close the circle.

Huge Mobile Network to spread your brand communication as targeted and geo-localized as it can be.

Cross-device tracking for a seamless and frictionless experience.

Quite basically, Kwanko is your best performance marketing partner to succeed in 2019 and beyond.

Do you want to win over your competition?

Be everywhere on a consistent brand wise way. We are very pleased to say that we can help you with that.

Reach out to our team to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Every business sector has its own key and unmissable trade fairs and exhibitions. Affiliate Summit Europe 2018 is one of these. An essential event to attend for professionals in performance advertising and digital marketing in the broad sense, with its blend of networking, keynote speeches, training sessions and best practice knowledge sharing. It’s for this reason that our entire team attended in London this past February 6 and 7. Amongst the various trends we’ll be seeing developing over the course of 2018 are influencer marketing and strategic affiliation.

The Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show

The Affiliate Summit was initially founded in 2003 by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. Since then, it has grown considerably over the years. To date it has expanded into various international events that take place on a regular basis in both North America and Europe. The Affiliate Summite London had a turnout of more than 1,600 visitors and 800 affiliates, all of which who came to share their knowledge, develop their expertise and find out more about digital trends to come.

Kwanko was represented by our UK team led by Alvaro Sanchez, Managing Director and specialist in advertiser-side performance marketing, and by Zaza Zakaraia, Affiliate Account Manager and expert in publisher-side marketing. The event provided an opportunity to promote and highlight the solutions we offer in terms of increasing sales, generating more traffic, workable lead generation, optimising conversions, and developing an influencer marketing based approach for our clients.

Influencer marketing: a craze that delivers what it promises

Influencer marketing serves as a major form of leverage in the world of digital marketing. A real game changer, it is now in the process of becoming firmly established alongside more traditional methods of online advertising. A growing number of brands have begun using it in earnest and others are currently experimenting with it in small doses, though almost all are interested in it.

Influencers can choose to incorporate an acquisition strategy into their approach. But working with them requires experience, practical knowledge and the support of a properly trained team.

Performance marketing: what’s the best way to work with influencers?

The first thing to do is make sure you understand how influencers are organised. Content, editorial, tone, the volume and audience you are looking to target, expert knowledge of the subject matter… before knowing how to work with influencers, you first need to know and understand what motivates them. This is work that takes place over a long term basis that is built on trust. For majority of micro-influencers, performance marketing is one of the most effective tools available.

The second stage consists of properly and effectively communicating with the influencers. According to the Vuelio UK Bloggers Survey 2017, more than a third of influencers are contacted up to seven times per week on average. However, very few of these contacts result in value-added content on the influencers’ blogs, channels or social media accounts. Hence the importance of making targeted choices and carefully choosing wording to avoid drowning influencers in technical jargon they won’t necessarily be able to master. To communicate effectively with influencers, you need to build a natural human-like relationship and take the time to really get to know their brand and their audience. This is win-win strategy and push pull. You help them, they help you.

And lastly, taking an economical approach is an extremely important factor: the traditional model based on CPA and funded via conversion at the final click does not work with influencers. The scope needs to be increased to enable more effective tracking, established on the basis of community engagement. To achieve this, each advertiser must know and understand what the KPIs and most impactful metrics for their brand are and build their relationship with their influencers around these more open and less restrictive factors.

Both a catalyst for creative energy and a high-value place to meet and share good practices, the Affiliate Summit Europe conference and trade show enabled us to confirm the relevance of our acquisition solutions to performance and to broaden our teams’ expertise on highly specific and targeted issues. It also provided a way for us to make ourselves directly known to advertisers and publishers in order to share our experience and know-how.

After an eventful start to the fall, meet up with Kwanko at two exhibitions in the month of October: ECSE in Mexico and DF in Brussels. Two events scheduled during e-commerce-friendly economic conditions.

DF, Belgium’s first digital exhibition

After more than ten years in business, the Digital Marketing First (DMF) exhibition has become Belgium’s leading digital event. In a rapidly growing market, as proved by the 10% growth in online purchases during the first semester of 2017, the DMF fair expect no fewer than 4,000 visitors. It will take place on October 19 in over 5,000 square meters.

This 12th presentation gives an overview of the latest trends, solutions and services in e-marketing and digital media fields. Among the many topics addressed, we’ll discuss artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

Also scheduled: a start-up “village” and hundreds of keynote speeches and conferences. Meet-up attendees include Adrien Boyer of Pinterest, Kelly Tennison of Shazam, Rutger Zonneveld of Google, and Olivier De Raeymaeker of the Belgian newspaper «Le Soir».

Meanwhile, the Kwanko team will be delighted to welcome you on stand 14 to present its latest performance marketing offers and establish a partnership with you.

ECSE: the New Mexican e-commerce destination

In Mexico, although online shopping accounts for 37% of online navigation time, transactions have grown by 400% over the past six years. Taking advantage of these extraordinary circumstances, ECSE is the perfect setting for e-commerce professionals to meet up. With around sixty exhibitors, including Kwanko, this event will bring together over 2,000 online commerce experts in Mexico, on October 4 and 5.

Around fifty high-level conferences will enrich the salon’s programming. Susana Voces, country manager for «eBay», Marta Dalton, e-commerce director for «Coca-Cola», Alex Genov, account manager «», and many others will share expertise from leading digital companies.

Find out more:

DMF Brussels

Dates: October 19, 2017
Location: Avenue du port, 88, Brussels
Kwanko Stand: Stand 14

ECSE Mexico

Dates: October 4 and 5, 2017
Location: Lomas de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, 11200 Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico
Kwanko Stand: Stand 323

Kwanko looks forward to seeing you between 27 February and 2 March at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) in Barcelona, one of the three big international mobile and Android technology trade fairs.

100,000 professionals from all corners of the world, 2,400 exhibitors, more than 3,500 journalists… The Mobile World Congress takes place from 27 February to 2 March in the Catalan capital. Has made a name for itself as one of the biggest hi-tech trade fairs in the world.

Building New Partnerships at the Mobile World Congress

For the second consecutive year, Kwanko will attend the event with a team of a dozen colleagues from France and Spain. We’ll have a stand in the brand’s colours (stand 8.1 K64 in hall 8.1 – App Planet).

By participating in this unmissable event, the group will be sharing all its mobile solutions to solve issues as diverse as monetising mobile site traffic, maximising app downloads and boosting brand visibility with innovative formats…

For Kwanko, the trade fair is also a fantastic opportunity to improve its brand awareness as a key player in mobile advertising and build new partnerships with both advertisers and editors.

Highly Anticipated Android New Releases

Smartphones, smartwatches, accessories but also the cloud, virtual reality, 5G, hardware… The Mobile World Congress is the ideal place to find out about the latest innovations in the mobile sector and the Internet of Things.

Over four days, manufacturers will be using the fair to unveil their new smartphones. Among them will be the G6 from Korean brand LG which will have to share the spotlight with the Huawei P10. Also eagerly awaited are the Sony Xperia XA, the Blackberry Mercury, the Moto G5 and G5 Plus from Lenovo and the different models from Wiko, a French brand which is currently enjoying great success in France.

Conferences Galore

The MWC, which extends over more than 200,000 m2, has two different sections: the show floor (an area dedicated to testing the latest phones and new products) and conferences and keynotes. Among the one hundred or so conferences planned, Kwanko has selected six which are worth a particular look:

Practical Information

For more details, visit: